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Anti Aging Secrets

Anti Aging Secrets

If you have hit the thirties, it is supposed to be the time to enjoy your best years; finally your relationships are on track, you have attained job security and basically you have put your act together. However, it is at this prime time that life throws one of its cruelest jokes at you. Your looks start to change and mind you they are not changing for the better. The first deep wrinkles start to appear, turning the crinkles that were not so long ago Charming into unsightly crow’s feet. Acne may make the very first appearance on your face or decide it is time for a full-on comeback. Sunburn damage from a summer-camp held decades ago can begin to crop up as brown spots and/or saggy skin. Your plush ponytail can change into a detestable scrawny thing.

What causes aging?

The main cause of all these problems is hormonal changes. Our bodies are designed to make babies in our teen years and twenties. Reproductive hormone levels start to go down once we hit the thirties. This normally causes hideous skin conditions and hair loss. The HGH or human growth hormone starts to peter out as well, meaning that cells no longer turn over quickly. Collagen production significantly goes down, making way for a slack, dull skin. While this is perfectly normal, it is natural that we seek anti-aging ways to attain and maintain a gorgeous look throughout the thirties and beyond.

Highly integrated being

You need to understand that you are a highly integrated being – nearly all aspects of leading a healthy life depend on each other. If your spirit is crushed, your body will do the same. When your mind is motivated, your mood will be lightened. When you exercise your body, your mind becomes sharper. When you eat a well-balanced diet, you will look great and feel it.

Go for anti-aging foods

Fruits and vegetables rank as number one foods to incorporate into your diet when you want to undo some beauty erosion on your skin or when you want to maintain your radiant skin for the longest. Colorful vegetables, as well as fruits such as deep red tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens, and blueberries, contain antioxidants that help stop rickety molecules from destroying healthy cells. Leafy, dark green vegetables such as mustard greens, collard, spinach, and kale are great sources of three important antioxidants – beta-carotene, zinc, and vitamin C.

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