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Stages of Pregnancy Month by Month

So you just found out you are expecting a baby! Your body will undergo a lot of changes: the miracle of a new life is taking place inside of you, and your body is preparing for it. But how does it happen? How is it that a simple tiny ovule becomes a baby? How does this perfect natural process take place? Keep reading and find out how your child is developing inside of you!



Pregnancy takes about 40 weeks, and it is divided into three trimesters, each one lasting around 13 weeks. Nine months, nine full moons. Let´s see what happens during each month!

Month 1
The fertilized ovule started to divide before you realize. You will probably notice that your menstrual period hasn´t arrived on time, so you will have a pregnancy test done. Some women begin experiencing the first symptoms, such as morning nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. However, the uterus is not wide enough yet to be noticed on your belly. The embryo is smaller than a lentil at the end of the first month. However, the neuronal tube starts to form. At the end of the first month, the heart is already beating!

Month 2
Pregnancy symptoms are intensifying, and the uterus begins to expand. The embryo is now called a fetus and starts receiving the nutrients from the placenta. At the end of the second month, your baby will already have eyelids and upper lip. The future arms and legs can be identified, and the body of your baby is now getting longer. Your baby is now about 2 cm long.
At this stage, you may be experiencing fatigue and may need to urinate with frequency. You can also be more emotionally sensitive.

Month 3
Probably, you can already notice your belly is showing up. But, although you may be eating more, that increase is because of your growing uterus! On the third month, your baby already has hands, feet and fingers, even nails! All main body systems and organs are on the stage of development. And despite the sexual organs are already formed, it is still very unlikely to determine the gender. Weighing around 20 grams, and being about 7 cm long, your baby will now enter a stage of fast growth!!

Month 4
Now you feel your baby´s moves! You may be recovering your sexual desire while although your waistline started to augment quite noticeably. At the fourth month, your baby has Lanugo ( the soft downy hair that covers the tiny body, as well as vernix, which is a greasy substance that protects the skin. At the end of this month, you baby already has fully formed facial features, and can smile, yawn, and make funny faces. You will notice the nervous kicks of your baby, and your baby will recognize your voice!

Month 5
Proud mom, you can now brag about your pregnancy wearing maternity clothes!
Now your baby will start gaining a lot of weight, will be moving a lot, and an echo will tell you if it´s a boy or a girl (if the position allows it, of course). Your baby may spend time suctioning his little fingers, which have yet developed fingerprints.
Your belly-button may protrude a bit; you may start releasing colostrum (a yellowish fluid that mammary glands produce before producing milk).
Weighing about 350 grams, and being 20 cm long, your baby is developing the senses, particularly touch and taste.
Month 6
Are you having backache, hemorrhoids, leg cramps, or constipation? Some women do, many don´t, but it´s completely normal. All the sensory organs are developed, and the baby starts interacting and exploring the surroundings of his world. The child perceives all external stimuli, and the habits of the mom directly affect him. Avoid stress; your baby will feel it. The small muscles in the baby´s chest start practicing movements similar than the ones we do while breathing, but the lungs are not fully developed yet since they are the last vital organs to reach full development. Your baby is about 24 cm long now and weighs average 1 kilogram.

Month 7
If you are experiencing heartburn, it is because the increase of your uterus is forcing your stomach and intestines move. Your baby has been gaining weight and growing, which makes it hard for him to move and stretch. Now the weights between 1.5 and 2 kilograms, and gaining centimeters at a fast pace! The baby eliminates about half liters of urine into the amniotic fluid, and in most cases is placing himself with the head down. If your baby still didn´t don´t worry, he is about to do it soon. Lungs will be soon be fully developed, although many premature babies born at the end of the seven-month don´t need any breathing assistance. A suggestion? Get your bags ready to leave in case your child decides to anticipate birth!

Month 8
You probably feel fatigue quickly, your uterus has grown a lot, and made your lungs move up, so your breathing capacity can be reduced. Your baby has no much room to move , so you won´t feel much movement inside. All the baby´s organs are fully developed, and the lungs are reaching their complete development. Most babies are now in the final position, ready to be born!

Month 9
Final stage! The cervix of the mom begins to shorten, and the birth canal starts dilating. Your baby is fully developed now; he can blink, turn his head, react to sounds, light, and touch. Your baby is ready to see the outside world! Pay attention to all the signs: you will lose the mucus plug, which can happen a few days before birth, or even notice a slight bleeding. If you start having regular contractions, or if your water brakes, get your stuff and head to the hospital to welcome your baby!


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