7 Essential Tips For A Healthy Kidney – Protect Kidney Naturally

The kidney is one of the organs responsible for the elimination of waste products of metabolism. If you want to healthy life you must should be follow this tips for a healthy kidney. It also helps a great deal in the regulation of blood pressure and blood glucose levels. As age crops in, the kidney tends to lose its function. Chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, if unchecked, can cause end stage kidney disease earlier than expected.

A kidney that is not performing optimally can adversely affect the quality of life. It can cause fluid retention, electrolyte disturbance among other things. In serious situations, it can lead to death. As such, you need to make it a top priority keeping your kidney in healthy condition.

7 Essential Tips For A Healthy Kidney

Tips health kidney

. Stay fit and active

Keeping fit helps in reducing blood pressure and by extension reducing the chances of acquiring chronic kidney diseases. Researchers have also found out that staying fit increases the performance of the kidney.


Tips health kidney

2. Monitor your blood pressure

As alluded before, high blood pressure is one of the major causes of chronic kidney diseases. It is therefore important that you keep your blood pressure below 139/90 mm of mercury to reduce such risks. If you have high blood pressure, then it is important you are on medication to avoid kidney damage.

3. Monitor your blood glucose

Diabetes is also another cause of end-stage kidney disease. Long standing diabetes that is not under proper control causes diabetic nephropathy, which is characterized by the presence of proteins in the urine. By ensuring your blood sugar is within normal, you reduce such risks.

Tips health kidney

4. Keep hydrated

Whereas scientists are yet to agree on the amount of daily water intake, traditional wisdom dictates that about 1.5 to 2 liters of water is good for the body. Water helps the kidney in the excretion of waste products such as urea and sodium. Less water means that these substances will be accumulating, increasing the risk of chronic kidney disease.

5. Do not pop over the counter medication regularly

Some medications such as over the counter painkillers are toxic to the kidney. Regular intake of such drugs can lead to kidney damage. If you find yourself needing such medication, then it is advisable to see your doctor for proper medical evaluation. If you are taking medication for any chronic ailment such as HIV, you should visit your physician for regular kidney function tests to detect any sign of kidney damage.

6. Good Nutrition

Healthy eating ensures optimal weight and saves damage to blood vessels due to excess cholesterol. Cholesterol not only damages the blood vessels of the heart and the brain but also the kidney. Reducing salt intake in the diet helps to control blood pressure. If you want you can see here Effective tips for healthy eating. If you want you can see here effective tips for healthy eating.

7. Keep off tobacco

Smoking is a single factor that can increase the risk of very many diseases. It reduces blood flow to the kidney, which eventually impairs kidney function. Smoking is also a risk factor for kidney cancer.

The kidneys are important organs that we often not think about consciously. However, its malfunction can disrupt life a great deal. Taking care of the kidney is necessary for healthy living!

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