How Many Times A Day You Can Use Nuface? Get The Perfect Information

Aging is a universal truth. Our body’s natural current gradually starts to decrease with aging. Our firm, tight and smooth skins begin to disappear. Skin becomes loose day by day with a loss of contour and tone. Prominent wrinkles and unwanted folds start to appear. Microcurrent is here to remove all these worries.

Nuface is a microcurrent based device that improves facial contour, tone and reduces unwanted lines, folds, and wrinkles from the face. You must follow the guidelines correctly to make the best use of this useful device. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions in your mind about Nuface. Today, I am going to tell you about how many times a day you can use nuface and many more. Happy reading.

What Is Nuface: Most Useful Microcurrent Device

Nuface is a micro current technology that made a revolution to reverse anti-aging effects from the face. FDA approved this device. It is used by holding with hands. It is light and small. It is also very easy to use. One can remove his/her wrinkles and folds and regain their facial contour and tone. Above all, Nuface is safe and useful if you use it appropriately. You can use it from your home. 

How Does Nuface Work: Know Before Applying It

Nuface is a non-surgical method to improve your facial features. Nuface uses microcurrent stimulation, which is very gentle, smoothing, and harmless. It tightens the excess skin by this stimulation to get back your youngish contour and tone. Microcurrent penetrates through conductivity gel into your skin, connective tissue, and eventually into muscles. It increases collagen and elastic fibers. These fibers play a vital role in giving your skin a firm and taut appearance. They prevent sagging of skin and underneath connective tissue. This microcurrent helps to produce ATP by cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. Increased proteins make fibers that is very essential for anti-aging and facelift. Increased ATP promotes cell growth of connective tissue and muscles and rejuvenates our skins. Nuface also increases circulation. Improved circulation helps to get nutrients and nourishment to all the cells of your body.

What Type Of Results Will You See By Using Nuface: You May Be Curious About

● Increased firmness, tightness, and thickness

● Plumping and lifting of your skin and facial muscles. 

● Removal of unwanted lines and wrinkles

● Eyebrows become lifted 

● Eyes become wider 

● Jowls and nasolabial folds are removed 

● Jaw lines and cheek becomes more visible.

● Above all, aging features will almost disappear and give you a young look. 

When You Will Be Able To See Results Of Using Nuface: You May Be Eager To Know

Most of the users of Nuface can see effects after the first treatment. If you don’t find the any results after the first treatment, don’t worry. Results may vary from person to person. Expected results are achieved with regular use. It would help if you kept on regularly using it. 

How Many Times A Day You Can Use Nuface

How Many Times In A Week  Should You Use Nuface: Remove Your Confusions

Nuface is safe enough for daily use. It would be best if you used it at least three times a week to get the expected results. Everyday use is best to do for better consequences.  

When Do You Use Nuface: Know To Use It In Proper Time

Anytime you can use it according to your convenience.

Where Can You Use Nuface: The Regions To Use It

International rules: You can use the face on your

● Neck

● Face

● Body

USA rules: Nuface is allowed to use on the face only according to FDA(USA).You should go with FDA rules to avoid unexpected problems. 

How Can You Use Nuface-Do Gently And Slowly Step By Step

●       Application Of Conductivity Gel: At first, Apply conductivity gel to your clean, dry skin. The best conductivity gel for you is gel primer. It contains hyaluronic acid that has excellent hydrating property. When you apply microcurrent, this weak and soothing current will pass the gel and ultimately go to your muscles.

●        Glide The Nuface Probes Smoothly: Glide the Nuface probes slowly over the natural contours of your face. Glide each horizontal area up to one or two beeps. That means, stop gliding each small horizontal area after one or two beeps. Then, start gliding another small horizontal area.

●       Hold The Probes: You can hold the probes in a static position for 5 seconds in particular areas where many lines and wrinkles are present.

●        Finish The Procedure: After using it, you have to remove the conductivity gel. Then, it would help if you sprayed your face with optimizing mist. Further, you can apply your preferred moisturizer.

How Long You Can Take Nuface Treatment: Know The Correct Duration 

It takes 5+ minutes to use Nuface once. That means you can apply it for 5 minutes or a little more. 

Proper Guideline: How Many Times A Day You Can Use It

 It is recommended to use Nuface once in a day. 

How Much Current One Will Feel: Is It Comfortable Or Uncomfortable   

Microcurrent is very gentle and relaxing. You will not feel anything while applying it. Sometimes, you can feel slight tingling sensations. The sensitivity of face differs from person to person. You can increase or decrease the intensity according to your choice. 

How Much Conductivity Gel You Should Use: Know The Ideal Amount Of Using Gel 

You must apply a light layer of conductivity gel. Don’t let the gel dry. Spray optimizing mist to keep it moist.

Can You Use Nuface On Make-Up: Know The Truth

You cannot use nuface with makeup. Your face should be clean with a thin layer of conductivity gel. You shouldn’t use other mosturizer for nuface treatment.  

Who Created Nuface: The Brillant Founder Of Nuface

Carol Cole, a licensed aesthetician invented NuFACE. 

Did Skincare Professionals test Nuface: You Should Know As A Conscious Person 

They tested Nuface and found it very useful and gentle. So, Nuface is recommended by skin care professionals for facial toning at home.

Can You Use the Nuface  Device Before And After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Of course. Yet, you should consult your surgeon first regarding this matter. You can apply Nuface before the surgery to improve muscle tone. You can also use post-surgery to maintain the results of cosmetic surgery.

Who Cannot Use Nuface: You Must Aware Of The Fact 

A cancer patient should never use nuface. A Pregnant woman should not use it. It is prohibited for a person who has epilepsy or seizures. People with pacemakers or other electronic devices also shouldn’t use it. One should consult a dermatologist in case of using nuface in aforementioned conditions. 


Did you find all the answers to your questions about Nuface? You are on a roll. Now, you know that nuface is micro current based beneficial device for long-lasting facial toning. You also learn how to use nuface and how many times a week or how many times a day you can use nuface. I hope that you will not face any difficulties about nuface in future if you follow the guidelines properly. Thanks for reading.

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