The Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart

What is the Ion Demi-permanent hair color chart?

The Ion demi-permanent hair color should provide users with long-lasting hair dye, but it’s not permanent. Like other semi-permanent hair dyes, this dye does not contain ammonia, a powerful chemical used primarily for permanent hair dyeing.

What is Ion?

Ion is a well-known brand that provides hair coloring and hair care products. This is a famous brand among professional hairstylists. Their name has also attracted more people due to introducing a DIY product that allows enthusiasts to manage hair dyeing at home.

The advantages of semi-permanent ion hair color, a semi-permanent Ion hair color chart, and detailed steps for applying semi-permanent Ion hair color are below.

Ion demi-permanent hair color chart

Permanent hair color chart :

The name itself indicates the permanent effect of hair coloring on the hair. The permanent hair color formula contains elements that can penetrate deep into the hair scale and change its pigment.

Permanent hair coloring is usually used to lighten or gray hair because it can fundamentally change the hair color.

It is the better alternative to permanent and, to some extent, semi-permanent hair dye solution that you can find on the market today.

Semi-permanent hair coloring :

Unlike permanent prescriptions, semi-permanent hair coloring is less resistant. When using a developer with a low peroxide content, colored molecules will not penetrate the skin layer.

Therefore, it is impossible to reduce or change the pigment in the hair permanently. On the contrary, it can darken your hair, change its tone, and increase hair shine. The semi-permanent color does not last long. It fades gradually after each wash.

With a half-tone formula, demi-permanent colors are ideal for those still dissatisfied with permanent dyes’ heavy use.

Demi-permanent ion hair color chart promises to bring long-lasting hair color to users. Like other semi-permanent hair dyes, it does not contain ammonia, a powerful chemical mainly used for permanent hair dyeing.

This product series allows you to blend gray hair and enhance hair color without increasing or damaging the hair’s natural color. It also contains ingredients beneficial to hair health.

This easy-to-use product can be used not only by professional beauty experts but also at home.

Why is the Ion color chart trendy?

This brand offers the Ion Brilliance hair color chart. With it, you can choose a shade that matches your lock and a dye that suits your needs.

As you know, hair color is caused by the underlying pigments and the shades used. If your favorite hair color is more than two levels lighter than your natural color, it’s best to consider this pigment.

A prototypical example.

You can choose a bright ash-based Ion hair color to neutralize other orange tones and red pigments. If the desired shade is red, warm pigments will help enhance the final effect.

This neutralization exists in the color wheel. Colors opposite each other tend to be neutralized. They should be able to help get rid of unnecessary heat.

As for the rules for choosing the right color, it is necessary to determine the natural level (darkness minus brightness minus hue).

If you rely on the N (Neutral) Shade series champion, it helps – use it as a guide. Also, it defines the proportion of white/gray hair to achieve the base and level of desired results. Then select the appropriate ion developer.

How do you use Ion hair dye for coloring? Permanent and demi-permanent Ion colors

For permanent curls, it can be thought of as the permanent effect of color on curls. The formula contains elements that can penetrate the epidermis. Also, it can change the pigment in the hair.

It can make a big difference in your hair color. And this is why people often use it to lighten their hair or cover up gray.

Speaking of permanent, the effect isn’t that permanent. Low peroxide developers are unable to allow color molecules to penetrate the skin layer. Therefore, it is not possible to permanently change or brighten the pigment. On the contrary, the hair may darken as a result.

The Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart

You can also change the tone to enhance the light effect of the lock. Color doesn’t last long. After washing your hair, it will gradually fade. Overall, this soft formula is suitable for those who are still reluctant to use permanent colors. Anyone, not just beginners, can use the Ion color chart.

Permanent and demi-permanent Ion colors

The demi-permanent ion hair color chart should provide a reasonably long-lasting hair color. Like other semi-permanent colors, it does not contain ammonia. People often use this active chemical for permanent coloring.

It is recommended to use the items in this line to blend gray hair and enhance hair color. With them, you don’t have to recharge the natural pigments in your hair.

There are also some ingredients that you need to protect the health of your hair. The explanation is easy to understand, so; you can actually apply at home. Otherwise, go to a professional beautician for the job.

How Many Hair Dyes Should I Use?

There is a recommendation to use a bowl/bottle to mix the ion color and ion developer. The ratio should be 1: 1. You can shake the bottle until you mix the solution thoroughly. And then you can mix everything else in a bowl.

When using it as a new color or for the first time, please make sure you mix it all and lay it on the scalp thickly with the Ion hair color chart.

Similarly, If you use it as a traditional color scheme or used it before, you should first apply it to the root. Let it sit there for about 20 minutes. Then apply hair dye to the rest of the hair. And remember, the correct mixing formula for the hair dye and developer is in a 1: 1 ratio.

The amount of time the dye remains depends on the amount used. Typically, the processing time is 30 minutes when using ten developer rolls.

If the hair is fragile, it may not take long as it is easy to dye. Conversely, thick hair usually takes stamina and can take a lot longer.

Is Ion Demi permanent hair color damaging?

Yes, Ion Demi hair color will damage your hair. Its high level of ammonia can leave your hair dry and brittle, as it strips the moisture from your hair. The mild conditioning properties included in this hair color product do not make up for the damage caused by the ammonia. If you have fine or damaged hair, there are better products on the market to use.

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The Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart is a fun way to find the perfect color for your mane. With so many shades available, you’ll be able to make any style happen with this chart! Check out how it works below and then take our quiz at the bottom to see which tone best suits your personality.

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