30 Pound Weight Loss: How I Lost the Pounds

I always knew that I was unhappy with my weight, but it wasn’t until I was trying on a pair of my jeans and they fit me like a glove. That is when I chose to make the change and lose about 30 pounds. In this blog post, we will talk about how you can start your own 30 pound weight loss journey too.

What you can do to lose 30 pounds

It is not too hard to start losing those 30 pounds! All you need to do is eat healthily and work out regularly.

I suggest cutting your calories down by about 500 calories a day (to 1500). Be sure that the extra exercise doesn’t take away from eating enough because it will make this process much harder for yourself.

Here are some foods that can help contribute towards your calorie intake without taking in more than what you should be getting each day. Eggs, bananas, applesauce with cinnamon, or vanilla extract sprinkled on top.

First Steps 

I was tired of feeling unhealthy and unhappy with my weight, so I chose to do something about it 30 pounds ago. It was a difficult process but not impossible with the right amount of patience and perseverance!

30 pound weight loss

I am writing this blog post because 3 years ago I lost 30 pounds by exercising regularly and eating healthy every day.

This article is all about how to lose 30 pounds in one year. And if you’re looking for some pointers on what will work best for your lifestyle. The read on.

There are several tips that can help you reach your goal like:

  • Eat light meals more often throughout the day.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day (at least eight glasses). Exercise every day or at least three times a week, get enough sleep (eight hours) each night
  • I had to change my diet, start exercising and stop eating junk food.
  • Similarly, I ate a lot of salads and fruits; I also drank water instead of soda or any other kind of sugary drink.
  • I started doing 30 minutes worth of exercise every day and when 30 days had gone by it was time to reassess what needed improving in my routine.

The first thing that seemed necessary for me to work on was the number of calories I consumed each day. Because six months into this new lifestyle change-up. I still wasn’t seeing results no matter how much weight lifting or cardio exercises I did at the gym.

So if you’re looking for some pointers on what will work best for your personal lifestyle then take these ten bits of advice with you

Similarly, it took me a while to get used to the new lifestyle changes but it was worth it.

I no longer have 30 pounds of extra weight weighing me down and my life is a little less stressful as well. Because when you’re overweight, your day-to-day routine can be very different than someone who isn’t carrying around an extra 30 pounds or more.

I knew that this would not be easy at all–and yes, there were some times where I really wanted to give up completely. But for me to stay motivated and keep moving forward with this project, I had several things planned out:

  • Losing 30 lbs wasn’t just about looking good on the outside; it was also about how much healthier my body felt.
  • Now I feel amazing. I am 30 pounds lighter and feel fantastic. It’s definitely been a long journey, but it was so worth it in the end.

I wanted to be able to share everything that helped me get this far. My weight loss motivation techniques. My diet plan (which surprisingly didn’t have anything too crazy). What I learned about myself through this process. But most importantly how much better I felt when all 30 pounds were gone.

30 Pound Weight Loss How I Lost the Pounds

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I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I decided to make the change and lose 30 pounds. In this blog post, you will learn how I lost weight. Read on for my top tips that helped me along the way.

It is time for YOU to start your own 30-pound weight loss journey too. If you are interested in getting started today, don’t wait any longer.

Email us or leave a comment below. We provide affordable rates with no hidden fees. So that everyone can afford care from our team of experts who have helped hundreds of people just like you achieve their goals.

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