Interesting Facts about level 6 hair color

Interesting Facts about level 6 hair color

The hair color is an essential part of one’s outlook and beauty; you can look pretty with your natural hair color or artificial hair paint. However, you have seen many hair paint shades in a catalog; they may be mentioned by names or numbers.

This article will show you both natural and highlighted level 6 hair color and how to get that. Moreover, you will know how to paint your head or highlight a few hairs with the desired shade.

Get ready to read about the natural level-6 hair, some brands’ hair color charts, and how your colorist will paint your hair.

What is Natural Level-6 Hair Color?

The natural hair color level goes upper as the shade gets lighter; for instance, level-1 is black, level-2 is lighter black, and level-3 is dark brown. When it comes to natural level-6 hair color, it gets dark blonde.

As a result, you can classify anyone’s natural hair color with these shades or scales; the level-6 or dark blonde is a pretty color. You can see this natural shade among people in Europe or America.

Check out the Level 6 Hair Color Chart

The most prominent brand L’Oréal Paris comes up with different hair color shades; moreover, they have various color levels. Let’s have a look at the level 6 hair color chart (natural):

Shade Number Shade Name
6 (neutral) Dark Blonde/ Light Brown
6RB (cool) Reddish Brown in Dark Blonde
6BB (cool) Brownish in Dark Blonde
6A (cool) Blackish complexion in Dark Blonde
6R (warm) Red in Dark Blonde
6.5 G (warm) Grey in Blonde

However, many other shades are there with a dark blonde as their base color, such as 6.13 is Jersey Light Beige Light Brown, 6.35 is Havana Golden Mahogany Light Brown, and 6.66 is Babylon  Intense Red.

Anyway, you can see the basic level-6 is referred to as different names in various brands’ catalogs; the Level-6 red hair color is quite popular among them.

Now, let’s head towards another renowned brand Naturint Permanent Hair Color chart, to find out the level-6 hair colors.

Shade Number Basic Color
6N Naturals (dark blonde)
6G Golden
6M Mahogany
6.66 Red

The level-6 hair color golden is the most famous one among the four shades of level-6.

How to do Level-6 Hair Color Highlight or Full Head Paint?

Follow these steps to get your desired level-6 hair color shade, no matter what natural hair color you have.

  • First of all, you must go to a parlor because nobody except a professional can bring the exact hair complexion you want. Tell your colorist if you’re allergic to any chemical or if you’ve recently done something to style your hair.
  • Next, the stylist will check their list and choose a color for blonding that matches your hair color. If you haven’t applied any dye before, you don’t need extra blonding; moreover, rebonding also helps the new dye set on hair quickly.
  • However, if your colorist doesn’t want to blond your hair, let it be; choose the color, for instance, level-6 hair color ash. You may paint all over the head or highlight a specific part; the choice is yours.
  • If you dye all hair, you will need over 40 foils, but your work will go well with 10-12 foils if you highlight some parts.
  • Next, your colorist will prepare the hair color for you; the amount depends on your hair quantity. Remember, your hair dye and developer should be in a 1:1 ratio, or you may say in equal portion.
  • Mix them well with a brush; whoever is mixing the color should wear hand gloves to avoid the chemical. There should be two bowls with hair dye; one will contain the base, and another will contain the ultimate shade.
  • Make separate sections in your hair, apply the dyes evenly on hairs, and cover the hair sections with foils after applying color.
  • Check after 15-20 minutes if the color is coming right or not; you can keep the dye up to 30 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with clean water; you should use color-protecting shampoo if the dye’s manufacturers allow applying shampoo while washing color.
  • However, rinse and dry your hair with a hairdryer, and you will have the desired hair color; follow the instructions to make it long-lasting.

How Can I Understand the Hair Color Level Chart?

Interpreting the hair color chart is quite easy if you know the 10-12 primary natural hair color levels. The numbers 4,5,6, etc. refer to the basic complexion; for instance, level level-4 is brown, and 6 is dark blonde.

The brands use alphabets most to indicate the subcategory or toner above the base color. For example, if someone chooses 6R or 6G, they want red or golden toner with a dark blonde complexion.

However, some companies also refer to their toners with numbers instead of alphabets; the 6.66 indicates warm red toners with dark blonde/ brown hair.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Dark Brown and Dark Blonde the Same?

Dark blonde and dark brown are not the same, but their complexions are quite alike; they can be substituted for each other. That’s why some experts consider dark blonde as level-6, and others dark brown.

  1. Is It Necessary to Know the Hair Color Level?

Knowing the hair color level is important if you want to style or highlight your hair; it will show you the pigmentations that suit your hair. You won’t apply the shade on your hair that doesn’t look well, will you?

  1. Can Everyone Dye Their Hair with Level-6 Hair Color?

Those who have natural hair color within level 4-10 can go for dyeing their hair with level-6 (dark blonde/ brown).


If you are fascinated with Level-6 hair color, grab a branded dye, and color your hair. You can also get a complexion between level 6.5 to 7.5; it creates a reddish look. Please read the whole article to know everything about it.

Follow your dye manufacturers’ instructions and hair colorists’ recommendations to get the desired result; best of luck with your hairstyle.

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