7 Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair: Stuffed With Every Detail

Are you tired of not having soft hair and an enviable hairstyle?

It is often difficult for us to go to the beauty salon to get our hair done. That is a good excuse for us to buy one of the best blow dryers for natural hair and store them in our house for an emergency.

The demand for hair dryers is so high that not all products are of excellent quality, not much less what our hair needs. This is one of the reasons why we have searched for the best products on the market. This searching intends to bring you a high-end product and, something you can use whenever you need it and without damaging your hair.

Best Blow Dryers For Natural Hair

In this list, we bring you a top with high quality products without overdrawing your budget. You can be sure that they will work excellently for you. And also, you will not need to stop using it for a day. This content gives you a complete guide to know how to choose the best tool and which one suits your natural hair.

Keep reading if you are interested in finding a hair  dryer and the best options on the market.


PRODUCT 1: The Infrared Heat Hair Dryer model 1875W by REVLON

One of the main reasons we love the REVLON brand is because it designs excellent quality products. This is not far behind. We love this dryer thanks to its ionic tourmaline technology. Why? Because this technology gives you everything your hair needs; shine, softness, control, and it will even reduce frizz. The best thing about this product is that you will not have to buy other accessories such as sectioning clips, among others.

With this product, you will not have to worry about taking hours using it. In a two by three, you will have the hairstyle that you have always wanted. Use it for those events, dinners where you don’t have much time to get ready.


  • Its technology allows you to penetrate to the cortex of the hair.
  • The main results will be shine, softness, and control over your hair.
  • This dryer will give you results as if you have gone to the salon.
  • You will create an explosion of quick results.
  • You will not have dehydrated hair and hairstyle.
  • Your hair can avoid heat damage.


  • It may not blow enough on some very damaged hair.

PRODUCT 2: Hair Dryer model D3190 for damage protection by Remington

Remington is one of the best-known brands in irons, hairdryer, among other types of hair products. This Remington brand dryer will allow you to look spectacular without horribly damaging your hair because of the heat. Instead, you will get healthy and shiny hair, even with constant use.

It is designed with cutting edge technology. It will allow you to make easy hairstyles and without frizz in a friendly and fast way. In addition, to give this product a plus, your hair will have excellent nutrition thanks to its patented micro-conditioner technology.


  • You will have three times more protection thanks to the advanced technology that is used.
  • Your hair will stay healthy even after continuous use.
  • You can regulate the airflow that best suits your hair.
  • Your hair will have volume even when you just blow dry it.
  • You will have a dryer that will last even years.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive option.


  • It does not give you a guarantee for any damage.
  • It tends to get quite hot.

PRODUCT 3: The Orange Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer by CONAIR

Conair dryers will give you what you are looking for and a little more. In fact, they will exceed your expectations. This dryer has a very peculiar color: orange. This color gives you a unique style that you will love. The Conair dryer will provide you with a shiny finish and always with fully nourished hair.

You don’t have many color options, but they work how you’d like. It provides you with all the steps that you must follow to have an optimal operation. Forget about conventional dryers that only give you hot air. With this, you can get three, cold, warm, and hot.


  • The dryer includes a purchase guarantee.
  • You will have a dryer with the ability to last for years.
  • You will not have hair loss when using it frequently.
  • It is a cheap and handy option to take it with you anywhere.
  • You can use it as cold, hot, and warm.
  • It is a light device and easy to transport.
  • It has a removable filter incorporated.
  • You will only have to invest between 15 to 20 minutes to dry it.


  • You could overload it when using it for several hours.

PRODUCT 4: The Supersonic Hair Dryer for all types of hair by Dyson

The Dyson dryer is everything we women look for. Thanks to its design, any type of hair can use it without getting damaged, nor can you buy a tool that is not suitable for your hair type.

It has a small design so you can take it with you wherever you want. You can always look spectacular, even if you go on a trip. It would be best if you did not use it for a long time, thanks to its power, you can use it for a short time and obtain great results. You might be skeptical because the brand is not well known, but this product will show you how wrong you are.


  • You will have NO more heat damage to your hair.
  • Your dryer will keep the temperature under control to avoid potential damage.
  • You may be drying too fast. You will save time.
  • The dryer is light and too balanced in design.
  • This product comes with a motor tuned to give you a nearly inaudible frequency.
  • It does not get hot on the outside.


  • Replacements for defects may take a while.

PRODUCT 5: The Nano Titanium Hair Dryer by BaBylissPRO

You may have heard about Babyliss; you would appreciate reading about this dryer if you have not. Its great power and speed characterize this dryer. Plus, it has a charming, lightweight design. You can withstand all kinds of work, even for hours and long days.

Your hair will be dehydrated in a matter of no time. Your hand will not tire doing your favorite hairstyle if you need it or have an event. In addition, this product will help eliminate that annoying frizz that haunts us all our lives.

Another reason for purchasing one of these dryers is that BaBylissPRO is known to be the world’s leading producer of these types of tools. Practically, it is the pioneer of innovative tools to make hairstyles and that your hair always looks spectacular.


  • You will have about six combinations to use, the one that best suits your hair.
  • You can make a wide range of hairstyles easily.
  • It gives you ergonomic handling for your hand and to use it for long hours.
  • Its design allows for relieving fatigue.
  • It gives you gentle, even heat.
  • It is ideal even for thick, damaged, and even coarse hair.


  • You will not have a dryer with excessive heating.

PRODUCT 6: The obe step dryer to volumizer your hair by Hot Tools

Your tool will be reliable in every way. Its quality, its design, and its power will make it clear to you at all times. Its design helps you obtain soft hair after each use and even create volume when you need it.

In addition, this Hot Tool has revolutionized this field of hairstyles. When you buy it, you will get a dryer from a reliable brand. It has won several awards over several years and during its more than 25 years of operating in the market, bringing you innovative tools.

You may feel the functionality of this device even after using it for the first time. Do not worry if you have too long hair; it will work the same way. Your hair will always be shiny.


  • It gives you a limited seven-year warranty.
  • It has a lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Forget about dry finishes; you will only get soft finishes.
  • You will get an unforgettable experience.
  • You can use it for all types of hair.
  • The airflow vents can quickly accentuate your style.
  • It has a powerful fan.


  • It may not work outside the United States, even with a converter.
  • It is a bit large for some users.

PRODUCT 7: Cura LUXE Hair Dryer by T3

If you are looking for a cutie-styled dryer, you’ll love this one from T3. It will help you dry your hair quickly and super easily. With this dryer, you can ultimately improve the appearance of all the hairstyles that you will do.

It has built-in innovative features that prevent your hair from drying out with each use. Instead, you will have a smooth and super healthy appearance. In addition, you can give it the volume that you find necessary in your uses. This tool will exceed your expectations both in design and operation. It has spectacular features, and you can use it easily without the need for a manual.


  • You will not take hours drying your hair
  • It is designed with innovation and avant-garde.
  • It has sensors in the handle to prevent it from being turned on when not in use.
  • You can easily find videos on YouTube that can help you improve your use.
  • It is designed with a beautiful appearance, but at the same time elegant.
  • It is offered to customers at affordable prices.


  • Some users claim that it has very low potency.


BUYING GUIDE: What to look for before buying the best blow dryers for natural hair

Finding a worthwhile dryer could be a bit tricky… even more so with all those options out there. Do not worry; we show you some of the features you should keep in mind before making any purchase.


Your hair blew with hot temperature; a cold shot would be excellent. This procedure could help you seal the cuticle of the hair that has been opened due to the heat you have used. All this cold air is what will allow you to maintain the shine that all women want in their hair.


The wattage will allow you to avoid a whole day drying your hair. To avoid spending long hours trying to blow-dry your hair, you will need at least around 1300-1800 watts. However, you have to consider that some professional dryers could go up to 3600 watts. Another point to consider is the wattage on thin and delicate hair. You should not use too high a power when you have this type of hair.

BONUS: Remember that regardless of the wattage you are going to use, protect your hair. Always use a heat protectant; this will help your locks remain healthy.


Never buy a hairdryer if they are not ergonomic at all. You need to get a dryer that has as its main characteristics being ergonomic. Look for an easy to hold the tool and that its design is lightweight so as not to tire your hand completely. You should focus on this even more if you are going to use it on your own.

As part of ergonomics, you should pay attention to the buttons to give it power and turn it on. Find a dryer that has the controls in a place where you can’t accidentally touch them. You could focus on dryers with flexible cables since you can handle them efficiently and even store them quickly.


The dryers come with high-tech materials. These are usually in constant innovation to provide the best to your hair. There are several options for heating materials that may be the best option for your hair. Read below options of materials that you will have to consider when you go to buy a dryer.

TOURMALINE: This is another option in hair dryers. These types of dryers work with the same technology as ionic dryers. Princopalmete gives you negative ions, but a little more than you expect. The whole internal part of this type of dryer is made of tourmaline. But what is tourmaline? It is a semi-precious metal; this causes the negative ions that send into the air are many more.

CERAMICS AND PORCELAIN: Not all dryers use this type of material. This means that the internal heating parts will be covered by these materials, which causes the heat that it will provide you is much more constant, but at the same time, it will be softer. You will get a fast and guaranteed drying process. This option is excellent for those with hair that is too delicate. You could use them even on hair damaged by unsuitable dryers.

IONIC HAIRDRYER: These ions from water give you a positive charge, which is why your hair dryers should provide negative ion shots to help combat the charge. Thus, the drying process will be much faster than any other. This type of device will help you keep your hair out of moisture and reduce frizz considerably.

Also, it will help to close the cuticle of the hair and keep it hydrated. This type of hair dryer could be a fascinating option for those men or women who have spectacular hair thickness. You should consider not buying this type of dryer if you have relatively fine hair; these are not usually the best for that type of hair. Why? Well, this type of dryer could over-dry the hair of a person who has very fine hair. Consequently, you will have dull and lifeless hair.

TITANIUM: The extraordinary thing about this type of dryer is the excellent drying optimization that they offer you. In addition, they provide you with a spectacular temperature consistency. This material is characterized by being completely light, and its design is usually small, so you can handle it easily.

Your arm will not get tired even if you do the hairstyle to several of your friends. The only thing you should keep in mind is that this type of dryer tends to increase the airflow temperature. This means that thick and healthy hair is a good option for titanium dryers.


You do not want to have a sore hand every time you decide to make your hair look spectacular. This even more when you have very long hair; this could take about half an hour, if not more. If you have a dryer with excessive weight, your arm will end up hurting almost immediately. The actual weight for your dryer should be at least one pound.


Another essential point to consider when buying a dryer is what type of hair you have. Analyze your hair a little to know what you need in terms of materials, power, among other points. Do not get carried away by a beautiful design; previously analyze even your hair.

If you have thin hair, you will not acquire a specific voltage because it could damage your hair. However, you can know this until you know your hair type.


The warranty could help you when your dryer has manufacturing defects or any inconvenience. Many providers provide excellent warranties to their clients. To be functional, this guarantee is much better when they offer you a warranty of at least two years of use. Always read exactly the fine print sent to you in contracts, which could generate a useless warranty.


You will need the best and varied settings to get the best dryer for your hair. Regardless of power, these settings should allow you to raise or lower the heat that you will apply to your hair. Being able to increase or decrease the volume will enable you to take care of your hair and your health in general. Think of it this way; if you have very dehydrated or damaged hair, you will need to use a much softer setting. Also, you could look for a dryer that gives you a relaxed shot setting.


Your dryer will be even more remarkable when it comes to more reliable accessories; if you want to have strands ready and with a spectacular shine, concentrating nozzles could work correctly. Why can they help you? Well, these accessories help focus airflow and heat directly on your hair. This flow, along with the heat, could reduce your frizz and give you the natural glow you are looking for.

  • COST

Quality almost always means investing a good amount of money; this even more so when hair dryers. A high enough cost never guarantees 100% performance and functionality. However, when you buy a high-end dryer, they tend to provide everything you need and even more.

A dryer in which you will invest little money could work eventually, but it won’t work for long. Usually, these types of dryers tend to give you low power and not so optimal results.

They could also provide you with functionalities that are not very necessary, and that could cause further damages. The dryers that force you to invest a little more budget could last you even decades.

To get a high-end dryer, you will have to invest at least $ 100. From there, you could find a variety of prices and quality. Try to do a little research whenever you want to buy a hairdryer, and get the best quality one.

best blow dryers for natural hair


The best blow dryer for natural hair can give you a great look for all your events. However, not all dryers are suitable for all types of hair, nor are they the ones that will provide the best benefits. Your natural hair cannot receive too powerful a blast of heat because it could cause severe damage. That is why you should find the right power to avoid causing severe damage and fragility. With this article, you will know all the prior information to take into account before the purchase.

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