Why You Need Soft Black Hair Color

The soft black hair color, traditional black and the darkest hair color are also the most eye-catching. It looks like a simple shade, but it has a whole rainbow of black hair.

This means that it is also possible to customize your black hair to whichever style you decide to go with. The subtleties between the various black shades, from natural-looking black to icy black to reflective blue-black,  are all dye possibilities for your hair.

Trendy shades of black hair dye colors

If you thought black was plain and uninteresting, then you have not tried the below the top and different shades of black hair that you would not go wrong in trying them out.

Soft black hair

If you like the natural look, soft black (almost black shades) is the perfect black hair color. Hair color is at the edge of the black and black spectrum. Suitable for warm and dark skin tones. Complete your look with natural make-up tones such as light pink and rich nude colors.

Natural black hair color

For black hair that still looks deep, you were born with natural black hair. The shadow family has a natural reflex effect that allows it to shine a natural glow. If you have a fair complexion and bright eyes, consider using this hair color.

Reflective blue-black hair color

This black hair with super-reflective blue tones is a fascinating way to accentuate your hair color. Under particular light, the hair color changes from black to the deepest blue. Most effective when combined with cool skin tones, especially with creamy pink blush or pink lip make-up.

Deep blue-black hair color

Try using edgy blue-black hair. This hair color can be the darkest black, suitable for twisting their hair. This is suitable for people with a fresh complexion and bright eyes. Used with silver jewelry to bring out a blue background, gold jewelry can heat up.

Reflective Auburn Black Hair Color

Auburn’s black hair combines soft black with warm, reflective red tones. If your actual skin color is medium to dark, this hair color will give your skin warmth, regardless of eye color. To complete the look, choose dark pink and pink eyebrows or matching purple lips.

Ice platinum black hair color

This popular metallic black hair color has a frosty feel and features a robust and cool tone. A slight glow makes your hair look different. The best part? Metallic make-up is ubiquitous on the beauty shelves so that you can combine it with bronze gray eyeshadow or an impressive iridescent highlighter.

Purple black hair

Choose a trendy dark purple hair color that is close to black. This hair color looks black in some highlights and purple in others. Those who want to stand out should choose this look. Combine with a bold lip line or trendy matte finish.

Brown-black hair color

Natural black hair goes well with this dark brown hair. This warm tone makes brown as rich as possible falls at the intersection of brown and black hair. Combine this look with lots of shiny gold and bronze ornaments.

Best hair color for African American hair 

This is a more in-depth version of dark hair with an eye-catching bright tone. Light to light skin tones is awe-inspiring when compared to dark skin tones. With cat eyes and classic red lips, it can bring inspirational beauty effects.

How to apply soft black hair color dye

First Step – Preliminary skin test

Using a plastic spoon, mix one tablespoon of permanent cream hair dye and one tablespoon of naturally developed cream in a plastic bowl. Wash and dry the folded arms and apply a small amount of the mixture with a cotton ball. Let it rest for 48 hours.

Moreover, do not continue the staining process if the skin shows signs of irritation, redness, itching, burning, swelling, or other abnormal reactions. Never dye your hair if your scalp shows signs of scratches, rashes, or illness.

Second Step – Color preview test

Cut a small sample of hair and immerse it in a mixture of colors. Wait 25 minutes, then rinse, shampoo, and dry the sample. Besides, this is the color you get at the end of the coloring process.

The third stage of preparation

Soft black hair color

Put a towel on your shoulders, put on gloves, and start mixing the permanent gel hair color with the cream developer. Lastly, shake the mixture well until it is thoroughly mixed.

Fourth Step –  Application

Divide the hair into four parts and use the bottle’s tip to apply the mixture to the ½ inch part.

Fifth Step – Set a timer and wait

Depending on the condition of the hair, leave a mixed color on the hair as follows.

Sixth Step –  Rinse, shampoo, conditioner

Furthermore, when the time runs out, add lukewarm water to your hair to lather and then rinse until the water dries. Shampoo and rinse. Give your hair deep conditioning treatment with argan oil. Leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes, then rinse well.

Seventh Step – Final

Finally, remove and open the plastic top of the argan oil treatment vial. Pour it into your hands and apply it to all damp or dry hair. Use all content for the best results. Style it the way that you want.

How to do it again – If you dyed your hair 6-8 weeks ago, follow steps 1-7 for new growth.


Finally, below are some of the best tips to follow before coloring

  • Learn how to prepare significant coloring effects
  • After shampooing, wait at least 24 hours before applying color.
  • Skin allergy test 48 hours before use
  • Perform a color preview test on a handful of hair before dyeing the hair to preview the result of dyeing
  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • For best results, choose a hue that is two levels lighter or darker than the current color or more diluted.
  • If you have bleached, accentuated, or relaxed your hair, please wait two weeks before applying color
  • Always apply to dry hair
  • Comb your hair and tangles before applying
  • If the color touches your skin, remove it immediately
  • Apply hair dye only to healthy hair
  • Please collect all the needed tools and supplies before you start

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