Can You Color Synthetic Hair: Ultimate Full Guideline To Your Unsolved Question

Firstly, a question arises that it is possible to color synthetic hair or not. Let me tell you that it is possible. You can dye your synthetic wig according to your preferences in your own home. So, the expenditure of going to parlor can be saved.  In this article, I am highlighting how you will color your synthetic hair. Happy reading.

Fundamentals To Get Synthetic Hair Coloring Done Effectively: You Must Have A Look

  • If you want to do synthetic hair coloring, you have to apply it repeatedly and slowly.
  • The chosen dye mustn’t contain more than 6% oxidant.
  • You shouldn’t change the color of more than 2 tones. More than 2 tones will not give a better result.
  • Avoid the root level of synthetic hair.
  • Reduce the concentration of the dye every time or reduce the exposure time on synthetic hair to get a better result.
  • Dye it in the right tone.

How To Dye Your Wig Properly: Know All Tips And Hacks

  • Use tinted shampoos. You can also use tonics.
  • Don’t use tinted shampoos or tonics in a thick layer.
  • Take a small number of tinted shampoos or tonics in a small amount of water and dilute it properly.
  • Choose the color you want to apply in the right way. Colour printed in the box can mislead you. I am telling you a trick. Take a tiny amount of that synthetic hair. Apply the dye to it. Analyze and decide what should the color or the combination of colors be.
  • Combine skin and hair color. It will give you the best result. If your skin is somewhat pale, you should use cold colors. If your skin is shiny and reddish, you should choose bright colors.
  • Apply the color base firstly near the roots of synthetic hair. Proceed to the end.
  • Eventually, apply it to the ends of the hair
  • Don’t increase the exposure time. It can hamper synthetic hair.
  • In a nutshell, repeated applying of a small amount of dye with each time having short duration must give you the best result.

Is It Good To Wash The Synthetic Wig Before You Apply Color: Very Important To Know

Never. You mustn’t wash synthetic wigs before applying color. Keep it in mind that you should rinse the synthetic hair with a mild shampoo. It will help remove wastes and other applied products from the hair.

Should Your Synthetic Hair Be Dry Before Dyeing: Mostly asked Question

Yes. There is no doubt in this.  Make sure that your hair is dry before dyeing. Never use dye in wet hair. Dry hair is a must for dyeing your hair.

Should You Use Color Fixing Balm Before Dyeing The Synthetic Hair: Crucial To Learn About

Yes, you must use color fixing balm before applying the color. It will help to fix the color on the hair. Color fixing balm is very useful to make the dye sustain on your synthetic hair.

Should You Use Chemical Dye On Your Synthetic Hair: Nice To Know

All synthetic hair is not made from synthetic components. Much synthetic hair is made from natural hair. Using chemical dye on synthetic hair of natural origin is okay. You can do any styling or chemical dyeing on the natural originated synthetic hair. Never use dye with chemical compounds on synthetic materials originated synthetic hair. It can turn it fragile, brittle and fully burn out.

An Indelible Marker: Dye A Wig

Marker is very beneficial for dyeing hair. You can highlight the synthetic hair for this indelible marker. After applying the marker, the color base remains. Use a permanent marker in each strand of a synthetic wig. Then, dry and comb your hair properly. Marker makes your hair attractive enough. It is suitable for a little amount of hair with few curls.

Powder Or Liquid Dye: How To Use In Your Synthetic Hair

Powder or liquid dye is specially made for synthetic hair. It is best suited for synthetic hair. It is perfect to get the right color for your synthetic hair through powder or liquid dye. You can mix different colours to get your desired outlook.

Fabric Dye: Another Dye To Color Your Synthetic Hair

You have to stir 1 jar of the color base in 1-liter water fully. Put the wig in the mixture solution for 3 days. Then, dry it for 1 day in a well-ventilated room. Next, Comb it well to detangle it.

Step By Step Instructions For Coloring Your Synthetic Hair: You Must Know

It is really hard and time-consuming if you are doing this on your own at home. Above all, it is not impossible. You only have to follow the rules with patience. You can use an alcohol-based dye, marker, batik or fabric dye, ink for the printer to color your synthetic hair properly. Let’s know about the steps-

  • At first, wear gloves on both hands. It’s really necessary to protect your hands from the dye.
  • You have to protect nearby objects and clothing from contact with the dye.
  • You can use an unused plate to prepare the dye
  • Dive a thin shaped brush into the dye.
  • Use it to a lock of a synthetic wig.
  • Continue this coloring over locks.
  • Make sure that all parts of synthetic hair are colored.

Synthetic Hair Dyeing After-effects: You May Be Curious About

Synthetic will not remain the same after dyeing. It will become different completely. The whole process will help you style your synthetic hair according to your own choice.


Dyeing hair is a part of the art. You need a creative and artistic mind to color your synthetic hair in the right tone. If you want the color of your synthetic hair to change without any damage to it, this article is recommended for you. Thanks for reading.

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