Enjoy This Sensual Dark Burgundy Hair Color of 2022

The dark burgundy hair color is a mixture of brown and purple, which creates a deep burgundy wine color. Like fine wines, soft hair dyes, Cabernet, oxblood, and Burgundy wines all have a little shine.

Besides, beautiful bold burgundy hair color dye shades provide excellent framing and contrast for all skin tones. These shades are perfect for shy girls who want to make dramatic changes. Or for the carefree spirit who loves casualness. This versatile shade is waiting for you.

Furthermore, Burgundy hair is the most magical and mysterious of all adjacent red hair colors. Burgundy, wine, and brown hair colors are all part of the shade series, deep, cold, unique. And invisible to the face. They remind us of delicious red velvet cakes and intricate Cabernet Sauvignon glasses.

Burgundy hair vs other hair colors

This Burgundy hair is the most magical and mysterious of all adjacent red hair colors.

FurBurgundy, wine, and brown hair colors are all part of the shade series, deep, cool, unique, and invisible to the face. They remind us of delicious red velvet cakes and intricate Cabernet Sauvignon glasses.

Burgundy and Burgundy hair tones can be part of different looks and images. Some of them are “Game of Thrones” witch Melisandre (Melizandre), mature actress Sharon O Sharon Osbourne. And bad R & B-girl Rihanna.

No matter who inspires you. It’s undeniable that a woman with burgundy hair is a complex character that never casts a shadow.

We have created the most detailed guide on the internet to get your hair color attractive brown, wine, or burgundy. First, we will help you choose burgundy or brown shade that matches your skin tone. Here’s how to dye your burgundy hair at home and some tips on how to care for it after dyeing.

I’ve also explained how to get rid of Burgundy hair dyes, but to be honest, why do you need to do that? Burgundy isn’t just about hair color, it’s absolutely necessary to look, so we also offer many fashion and makeup tips. To get things done, as usual, we want to inspire you with some of the hottest examples of burgundy, brown, and wine hair dyes.

Is it yourself or use an expert?

Beginners are advised to dye with a professional hairstylist. I know there are a lot of DIY YouTube videos that try to save thousands of dollars. And dye your hair at home, but if you haven’t done this before, don’t try it at home.

A professional hair diary can also guide you in choosing the right burgundy color for your hair. Even if you are a cold person, you will eventually go to warm burgundy. Take a look at the Burgundy Brown Shade Paper and take a picture of yourself in different shades of burgundy. Also, listen to the designer’s opinion.

How to dye Burgundy hair at home?

The advantage of burgundy hair is that it usually does not need to be bleached beforehand. If your hair is light-colored, you need to use bleach and burgundy hair dye simultaneously to get the correct shade. But burgundy or burgundy hair is already very dark, you can get excellent results. Burgundy hair dye is usually enough to get it. To find the exact color you will love, you can also use the burgundy hair color chart.

DIY Burgundy hair dying at home?

In other words, only a professional hairstylist can provide you with an elaborate burgundy hairstyle. Combining light and dark tones to make your hair shiny, healthy, and full.

Enjoy This Sensual Dark Burgundy Hair Color of 2021

Dyeing your hair with a single color at home is always less effective. Similarly, using different burgundy hair dye shades to create high and low light.

At home, if you want to learn about some burgundy or maroon hair colors or do not need to recolor your hair every few weeks, you can consider it.

Besides, please read our article to learn how to use the barrage technique to dye your hair at home and get burgundy hair with highlights.

  • Avoid washing your hair too much, and may a nourishing mask or treatment to firm your hair and keep the dye in the correct shape.
  • Similarly, before you start, it is best to perform a small test to ensure that you get the desired burgundy hair color. Besides, you may also perform an actual patch test to see if you have an allergic reaction to the hair dye.

After Dyeing maintenance

Get ready to invest in some post-treatment products for dyed hair. Particular attention should be paid to colored hair. There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market that are specially formulated for hair dyes. Shampoos such as L’Oreal Paris Expert Vigor Intensive Shampoo do not remove the discolored layer of hair. They are relatively gentle and guarantee color vividness. You can also get powerful conditioning products and essences to provide more nutrition and conditioning to dyed hair.

Before using the temperature controller, the special serum should be applied to avoid any hair damage. L’Oreal, Revlon, SP, and other companies offer various hair masks and essence products recommended for hair dyes. Similarly, mousses and hairsprays specially formulated for hair dying are also available.

Best burgundy hair dye

When choosing a burgundy hair color brand, select a color that does not contain ammonia. Ammonia-free colors are harmless to the skin and hair. Hair dyes that contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals can cause hair damage and thinness. Below are some brands that make ammonia-free hair dyes.

  • L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal Paris is one of the first producers of ammonia-free hair dyes. Their products are ammonia-free, and the dyed hair color gives the hair a beautiful color and condition without damaging the scalp and hair. It is also one of the best hair color brands available.

  • Garnier:

Garnier offers a variety of ammonia-free hair colors, from brown to burgundy. Those colors do not drip and do not require cleaning. Due to its price and availability, it is one of the best around.

  • Claire:

Clairol is a well-known brand that manufactures ammonia-free hair dyes. The color of their formula can evenly cover the hair within 10 minutes and can naturally cover gray. After 28 shampoos, this hair color began to fade.


Burgundy hair color is a sexy color that every woman should rock at least once. However, Before deciding on the shade of red, you should analyze whether you are a warm or cold person to find the matching color. Check your wrist under regular sunlight. If the veins look green, you are a warm person. Blue means you are a cold person. And If there is someone in-between, then they are likely a neutral person.

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