This is an Overview of the Laura Prepon Hair Color in 2022

The laura Prepon hair color is a lovely and vibrant shade that will captivate anyone who sees it. The laura Prepon hair dye comes in three different shades: luscious, fiery red, and foxy brown. laura Prepon’s hairstyle has been one of her most iconic features throughout her acting career.

What Is a Natural Hair Color?

Natural hair color is the hair color since your birth; you may have black, brown, or golden hair. Moreover, the people in Europe and America are mostly blond.

Therefore, the natural hair color and skin complexion are dependent much on the climate you’re born; your genetics also impact your natural hair color.

No matter what hair color you have, you can dye them and have the paint or highlights you like on your hair for a long time.

The purpose of Laura Prepon’s hair dyeing

The purpose of Laura Prepon’s hair dyeing is to cover the grey hair that is very visible when she has her hair up. She also uses it to change her overall look from time to time. In the past, Laura has been known to dye her hair red and light brown. In 2013, she dyed her hair a dark brown with subtle reddish highlights. Her overall appearance changed dramatically in 2014 when she went with a blonde balayage for a lighter, more youthful style.

What is Laura Prepon’s Natural Hair Color?

It may surprise you that the answer lies in her name. Guess what it stands for! A redhead from head to toe, she has always been an unapologetic and proud member of Team Redheads. We love a woman who goes all out not just on set but also off-screen too; we can’t wait until season 2 premieres because there are so many more looks than this one waiting up ahead!

Learn More about Laura Prepon, the Famous Actress

  1. Laura Prepon Age

According to the records and Wikipedia, this actress was born on 7th March 1980 in New Jersey. If you count the days and years, you will see that her current age is forty.

  1. Laura Prepon Height

Would you like to know her height? It’s 1.78m if you measure in standard SI units or 178 cm. Those who want to know her size in inches you may divide the centimeter number by 2.53 and get the result it’s 5’10”.

     3. Eye Color

This actress has beautiful eye color like her hair paint and skin tone; she naturally has a green iris.

  1. Best Shows and Films She Has Done

Laura Prepon is famous for her show That ’70s Show; it has a total of eight seasons. She played the role of Donna Pinciotti from Fox Sitcom that ran from 1998 to 2006. She was nominated for this role in the series.

Another famous Netflix series of her is “Orange is the new Black,” which was released from 2013 to 2019. She received 4-5 awards for the role of Alex Vause in this series with co-star Taylor Schilling.

Laura Prepon Hair Color

  1. Personal Life

She was the youngest child of her big family among five siblings; unfortunately, she lost her father in her teenage. She didn’t face such tragedies after she has started her acting career.

She married Ben Foster in 2018 and has two children with him. She belongs to a well-background family still chose the acting career.

  1. Laura Prepon Natural Hair Color

Though she sometimes showed up with black-jet or blonde hair, she has naturally red hair. She is one of the red-hair actresses in the industry; the hair shade is maroon-red.

  1. Laura Prepon’s Income

According to sources, Laura’s net worth 2020 is about $12 million; her yearly income is approximately $2 million. You may count her monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly pay if you want.

Which Hair Color Did She Use During Her Shows?

Though she naturally has red hair, she appeared on the television with blonde hair more often. In one or two programs, she showed up in golden hair too.

She came up with black hair in the “Orange is the new black” show, and kept it during the show. She may change her natural hair color again if the makers launch a new season of the show.

However, it’s up to the actor or actress what hair color he or she will keep. Sometimes, the actor’s hair paint may depend on the role he/she is playing.

Famous Celebrities and Their Hair Color

Many ordinary people become stars of the film and television industry, but they come from different nations and families. As a result, celebrities have various hair shades despite working in the same industry.

  1. Emma Stone, who shows her stunning beauty in red hair, is naturally blonde, but her redhead suits more.
  2. The Twilight Saga fame Kristen Stewart rocks with her brown hair look, but she has dirty blond hair in real.
  3. Many people love having blond hair such as Scarlett Johansson, but her natural hair color is dark brown.
  4. Karlie Kloss is naturally a brunette, but she chose to be a blond in 2014; she did permanent hair color as she doesn’t have enough time to sit for a dye within short times.
  5. “Game of Thrones” starred Sophie Turner changed her natural blonde look to red hair for her role as Sansa Stark.
  6. Sofia Vergara looks prettier in brown hair, but she is naturally a blonde.
  7. Famous popstar Lady Gaga chose to either dye her hair or wear blonde wigs to hide her natural brown hair.

Actors and actresses are supposed to dye their hair for a roleplay; on the contrary, they sometimes need to wear bald cap and wigs for specific roles.

Some Important FAQ- Laura Prepon Hair Color

  1. When Did Laura Showed Her Natural Look?

Laura Prepon revealed some facts about her that her fans didn’t know in 2012 in a weekly show called Piece of Us. There, she said that she naturally has red hair, and she’s not blonde.

  1. What Is the Rarest Natural Hair Color in the World?

Being naturally redheaded is the rarest occurrence globally; only 2% of the total population has red hair. You must say that Laura Prepon is among the luckiest persons to have unique hair color.


If you are a fan of Laura Prepon starred in many comedy shows, but didn’t know about her necessary information, can read this article. Moreover, you may find out about other celebrities’ small details through the Internet.

However, your favorite celebrity may look better in other hair dyes more than their natural hair color. Some of you sometimes follow them and dye your hair like your idol public figure.

Remember, the look that suits your Laura Prepon may not suit you; so, think before applying a chemical on your hair.

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