Sunflower Hair Color: Trendy and Beautiful in 2022

Sunflower Hair Color is a hair color which has the natural color of sunflower seed. It has no harmful chemicals or toxins in it and does not damage hair nor scalp. It does not leave residue in hair after application. The hair color will become lighter after using it for one month.

Directions: For a blonde effect apply 1-2 drops of the shampoo, then rinse thoroughly. For a deep brown effect, apply 3-4 drops of the shampoo, then rinse thoroughly. Apply directly to wet hair, comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Wait for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Many girls like experimenting with their hair; moreover, it’s a trend to paint them inspired by some objects. You may paint your head per your country flag, a flower, or anything else.

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Girls with long and short hair love painting them with multi-color, especially coloring with a particular flower petal’s shades. Sunflower hair color is trending the most; it’s challenging to do it alone.

Before you decide to color your hair, and get a feel of sunflower, know the essential related facts. Find out the necessary colors, appropriate natural hair color, combination in short and long hair, renowned brands, etc.

What is Sunflower Hair Color

Sunflower hair is a beautiful and unique color that mimics the colors found in the sunflower flower. A common variation of this hair dye starts with dark brown roots to resemble its core, transitioning into shades of reds, oranges or yellows like petals on top. To make it even more interesting some variations incorporate green hues as well- just like stem and leaves!

 What is the effect of sunflower oil on hair thickness?

Sunflower oil is frequently used in hair products. It is rich in protein, vitamin E and linoleic acid that promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. It reduces dandruff and prevents hair breakage. It is also helpful for dry scalp. What is the effect of grape seed oil on hair thickness? Grape seed oil has antioxidant properties that help to reduce hair damage caused by free radicals.

What Makes Sunflower Oil different than others

It is a natural oil, and the color of sunflowers are yellow. It has been used for centuries as an ingredient in cosmetics to give hair its beautiful golden glow.

Sunflower Hair Color Short Hair Design

If you have short hair, you may not apply all the shades of a sunflower; you can use only two colors at a time. For instance, you can paint your short hair with brown and yellow; brown comes from the center, and yellow is the petals’ prominent color.

Sunflower hair style with short-length is quite comfortable, but it doesn’t give your head a complete sunflower look. The color will suit better if you’re a natural blonde or have golden hair.

Sunflower Hair Color Idea for Long Hair

3Pcs Sunflower Headband Crown Headpiece Daisy Headband for Women Girl Adjustable Hair Wreath Garland Accessories Bridal Wedding Parties Festivals Photo Props BHH14-3If you have long hair, you can have sunflowers on your head; it may sound surprising. You may paint brown the nearest portion to the scalp, but make sure you’re maintaining the minimum distance.

In the next part, you may paint orange, golden, and yellow (the top amount). A tip for you is, to curl your hair because the twisted hair brings the mixed shade like a sunflower.

You may watch sunflower hair color tutorials available on YouTube or other social media. The tutorials can provide you creative hair color ideas besides the sunflower painting.

Types of Blonde: Appropriate for Sunflower Hair Color

Whitish hair color comes into our imagination whenever we think of blonde hair; surprisingly the blonde has many categories too.

  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Baby Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Golden Blonde
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Dirty Blonde, etc.

They are only famous shades among the 30-popular blonde shades. The light ash blonde, light golden blonde, and light platinum blonde are more suitable for painting your head like a sunflower.

Moreover, caramel, dark brown, toffee, and sunflower blonde are also perfect for sunflower hair color.

Sunflower Hair Color

How to do Sunflower Hair Color: Steps to Follow

Now, come to the prime and essential thing, and learn how to paint your hair as a sunflower. Follow the steps below to have a sunflower head:

  • If you have decided to go to a parlor, you should take a sample with you to instruct the person who will apply the paint.
  • Choose the necessary color melts and blend them correctly; apply those serially that create a complete look.
  • Choose colors from a renowned brand like L’Oreal Paris, Adore, or another one. Make sure your parlor assistant has put enough color safety cream on your hair.
  • Keep the different colored hair sections separate; you’re not supposed to use a hair cap while painting sunflower.
  • Remember, if you want your hair color to be long-lasting and well-set, you have to wash your hair with color-protecting shampoo while cleaning the paint.
  • After you use the special shampoo and clean your hair, tell your assistant to blow dry your hair so that it sets well.

How to maintain your sunflower hair color

You know you’ll want it to last, right? To increase the lifespan of your floral-inspired ‘do, try these tips.

First off, avoid anything that will make colors fade faster—that means no hot showers and scalp scrubbing! Avoid shampooing as often if possible too (or use a clarifying one once in a while). This way only water-soluble pigments are removed from the cuticle layer by contact with things like sweat or conditioner residue on strands when they’re wet. Dry shampoos can also help soak up excess oils without washing away any pigment molecules along with since they contain ingredients called “surfactants” specifically designed for this purpose

Learn about Sunflower Hair Color Formula: Key to Nice Hair Color

The sunflower hair color formula is not clumsy; you can mix the paints in the correct proportion with a similar color solution. Suppose you will paint your hair with the colors of petals and leaves.

Now, mix the colors according to the manual’s suggestions; you may need multiple shades of a single paint in the mixture. Let’s see the mixture list below:

  • Cute Coral+ Orange+ Neon Orange mixture; mix it for the top-level hair near the scalp.
  • Yellow+ Neon Yellow+ Clear (Transparent); this mixture creates the bright yellow petal or fire hair color.
  • Blissful+ Neon Blue; you may sometimes use green shades too. The third mixture will go in the lower portion of your hair.

Now, let’s find out what will be the protective shampoo and conditioner mixture proportion. Please make sure your shampoo is color protective, and the conditioner amount will be half of the shampoo.

You may also apply the damage protection cream to the wet hair after washing it with shampoo. This cream will help you to have silky hair; it prevents hair damage due to hair dye.

Can You Make Sunflower Hair Color with Natural Ingredients?

sunflower hair color

You may create natural hair dye though it’s time-consuming; you will need some standard items (chemicals) beside natural colors. You may take carrot, fruits or green vegetables to prepare natural hair dye.

The primary color you need to make is orange, yellow, and green; you can’t make brown hair dye with natural source. Moreover, using a natural element in hair color prevents damage, and the carotenes and antioxidants make your hair smooth.

How do you get sunflower hair

Sunflower Hair is a natural, organic and vegan alternative to the chemical laden products that are currently on the market. Sunflower oil has been used for centuries in India as an effective treatment for dandruff, dry scalp and other skin conditions. It also helps with oily or greasy scalps by absorbing excess sebum from your pores. The best part of all? You can apply it daily without any side effects!

Sunflower Hair Color Formula

You need to swap your current hair system for one that’s specifically formulated for color-treated hair. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Intensive protects the color and works with other products to nourish and boost vibrancy.

Some Important FAQ

1.What is the appropriate season for sunflower hair color?

Well, if you’re interested in painting your head as a sunflower, you should do it in Summer. It’s because bright colors suit well in summer and you may shine with your hair in a sunny day.

2.What are the hair color ideas for 2021?

Here is a list of popular hair colors in 2021:

      • Dark Honey Blonde
      • Glossy Brown Hair
      • Golden Highlight Hair
      • Silver-Blonde Hair
      • Lilac hair
      • Caramel Highlight Hair
      • Chocolate-Brown Hair


Sunflower hair color is a beautiful summer color with a sunflower-like appearance that is easy to achieve. In fact, it’s a great way to add color to any hair color look, as the sunflower is versatile and a little bit unique.