Simple Makeup Look| How to apply it

You may not feel like doing heavy makeup every time you go out, especially while going to your university or office; therefore, you will prefer a simple makeup look more than anything else.

However, I am a professional makeup artist & noticed that some people look better in a simple look, & I always give them a natural makeover. No matter what, I completely understand the necessity of having a natural makeup look; for instance, you won’t go to a funeral with a wedding look.

Anyway, let’s not waste our time & start answering your queries regarding simple makeup; I hope that would be helpful.

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How Can You Have a Simple Makeup for Everyday: Step by Step

Please follow the simple steps to have light makeup for everyday life; therefore, you may not have to spend extra time to get ready.

    • First of all, you have to concentrate more on your skincare because that will make you look naturally gorgeous besides preventing acne, pimples, & other skin issues. Wash & moisturize your face well before going to bed, after waking up, & before putting on your makeup because that will help your natural makeover to set well on your face.
    • Secondly, you must apply primer & foundation everywhere, including near the jaws, ears, & hairline; please take care of your skin tone because the materials for simple makeup look for brown skin will not be the same as a fair one.
    • It would help if you later tried to apply face powder of a similar complexion, but make sure that the powder blends evenly on your face & doesn’t look awkward.
    • Next, you must put on some concealer on your face, especially when your face has some spots or scars to cover them.
    • You can avoid contour, bronzer, or highlighter for regular makeup, but you should apply blush of neutral color on your cheeks; please be careful while putting that on.
    • After getting your overall face ready, you can go for the eye makeup; you can either keep or skip the shadows, but draw a thin liner on your eyes. Please ensure that the liner on both sides is of the same shape; get your eyebrows done lightly.
    • Lastly, you can apply either a nude shade lipstick or a lip bum to carry on the natural look; moreover, your lips won’t dry & look pale.

Follow this simple makeup look step by step & have a perfect makeover for carrying out your daily works; you should buy cosmetics that can give you long-lasting makeup.

Thus, you can stay at the school, college, office, or any other work for a long time without worrying about your outlook; the total time you will have to spend is about 30 minutes before setting out.

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Find out 5 Simple Makeup Look for Beginners: Make a List of Them

If you’re a beginner, you may find some easy looks for yourself; let’s find them out so that you can apply them to yourself during your learning period.

  1. Smoky Eye Look

Suppose you want to skip contour, highlighter, bronzer, or other items, but focus more on your eyes; you can pick the attractive smoky eye look. You have to put multiple dark eye shadow colors from your palette to create smoky eyes; ash & black shades are the most popular.

However, people with fair or brown skin look good in this makeup, but it’s not a perfect simple makeup look for black girls.

  1. Nude Makeup

Nude cosmetic items have different shades, but it refers to a person’s natural skin tone; if you want to take the get-up, you must select items according to your complexion.

Please remember that the blush, lipstick, eyeshade, foundation, primer, etc., you are choosing are nude shades & your total makeup should look natural.

  1. Glittery Look

You can use glittery highlighters on cheeks & nose tips, besides applying shimmery eye shadows to have a simply beautiful makeup look. Please keep the rest of the things as it remains; moreover, this will be a simple yet gorgeous makeup look on brown Indian skin.

  1. Bright Makeup Look

You want to look bright but straightforward, so what can you do or how should you put on your makeup? However, the cosmetics will be the same & you will apply them in similar methods, but the colors will be bright; for instance, your lipstick, blush, eyeliner, & foundation would be bright but not glossy.

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If you have completely read the article, I may ask you whether getting simple makeup looks impossible or challenging? Your answer will probably be no because it’s the easiest thing to put on good-looking but straightforward makeup with your outfit.

However, you should choose a particular look among all the simple options & follow the steps to have it; please don’t miss anything, & you can have your trial makeups to finalize one before the event comes.

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