12 Best Wedding Makeup & Some Tips for You In 2022

You would indeed like to look like a fairy on your wedding day, & treated like a princess, won’t you? On the other hand, you should know how to give someone a party makeover or wedding makeup to carry on your professionalism.

However, I have seen many people do their wedding makeup themselves & not relying upon the beauty parlors; they asked for my suggestions. Anyway, that’s why I would show some basic ideas & tips that you should follow while doing your makeup on your wedding day.

Let’s read the whole article & get prepared for the special event on this wedding season.

12 Wedding Makeup Looks to Make You Feel Amazing on the Wedding Day

No matter what, the bride will always want to follow the trends & look best on her wedding day; therefore, these are some trendy looks & styles for them:

  1. Neutral Look

Using neutral makeup on the wedding day can make you look beautiful yet straightforward; you will need mostly the nude complexion of all makeup items. Wedding makeup natural look will make you & all people, including your husband, feel that you’re pretty the way you are.

Nude primer, concealer, foundation, light color eye shadow, & lipstick would be enough with your wedding dress & jewelry items, but ensure that you have all the necessary products.

  1. Glamorous Look

If you’re celebrating the wedding ceremony at night in a gorgeous way, wearing a unique dress, you may take a glamorous look. Bold red lips, glossy & shimmery eyes, highlighted cheeks, & bouncy hair with your wedding dress; can you imagine yourself?

  1. Smoky Eyes Look

Smoky eyes look has been one of the most famous & demanded look according to some wedding makeup artists. You can use contour & bronzer, the lip color may be either light or dark, but the eyes should be dark green, black, ash, or navy blue.

The blended colors will give you or the bride a gorgeous look; it will take your makeup to the next level.

  1. Contoured & Dark Look

You may contour your cheeks, jaws, nose, & forehead to shape & sharpen your look, besides having dark wedding makeup. Anyway, don’t forget to put the compulsory wedding makeup products in your list because you can’t skip them.

  1. Bold Lip Color Wedding Look

You may want to the keep the focus on your wedding day, choosing some bold & bright colors to put on your lips; it may be red, terracotta, or dark. Please select a shade that goes well with your skin tone, wedding dress, & ornaments.

  1. Classic Look

A finely shaped eyeliner, pink & glossy lipstick, shimmery eye shadows with a perfect outfit & hairstyle will create an elegant wedding look. The look will suit you if you’re blonde or have a brown skin tone; make sure the items are fit for you.

  1. Traditional Wedding Look

No matter where you are living, you surely belong to a cast or nation; therefore, you may prefer to get a traditional look & outfit on your special day. Please get the best wedding makeup products & outfits for you & your bridesmaids to make the event more memorable.

Best Wedding Makeup & Some Tips for You

  1. An Effortless Neutral Look with Thin Eyeliner

If you have less time to get ready for your wedding or choose a light & simple dress, you can prefer neutral wedding makeup. However, keep the eyeliners thin with false lashes, put on the peach blush, & apply the nude lipstick; moreover, don’t forget the neutral eye shadows.

  1. Bronzy Eyelids with Bright Lips

If you’re brunette or brown, this look would be perfect for you; anyway, don’t forget to put on primer & eye-primer on lids, besides applying bronzers on the face. That will make you look elegant, bright, & gorgeous; moreover, you must choose bright colors, such as rose red for your lips.

  1. Simple Yet Sophisticated

You may put all the things like a primer, concealer, contour, foundation, highlighter, & blush besides eye shadow, liner, & lipstick, but the color selection should be neutral. In this makeover, you will apply everything, it would take time, but that will look quite simple as if you haven’t put on anything.

  1. A Radiant Wedding Look

It’s one of the perfect wedding looks for brunette; you have to apply all the items, but they should be matte. On the other hand, you must add some bronzer to increase your skin’s warmth & a golden glowing touch on the eyelids; thus, you will be simply radiant on your wedding day.

  1. A Dramatic Makeup

This refers to the Asian, especially the Indian makeup theme; it focuses on heavy eye makeup with gorgeous dress & long jewelry. The colors may depend on your wedding dress, but you have to spend more time while putting it on, especially doing the eyes.

5 Tips for You While Doing Your Wedding Makeup at Home

Please read the wedding makeup tips if you don’t want to go to a parlor & want the makeover at home:

  • It would help if you practiced the desired makeup several times at home before the wedding day comes; watch wedding makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  • Please choose the natural colors for doing the makeover at home unless you are a professional; otherwise, you may ruin your wedding look.
  • Prepare your skin well to be smooth enough for applying makeup, especially when you don’t have a setting spray.
  • You can use everything on your face except white powder & sunscreen because these 2 things will surely ruin your look.
  • Lastly, focus on doing your eye makeup & select the waterproof cosmetic items to make your look smudge-proof & long-lasting.


I hope reading the article was useful & you have enough ideas about wedding makeup now; you can use your creativity as well. However, use the products that suit your skin & match with your dress, & ensure they are not replicas.

Anyway, get ready for the most special day of your life the way you have always dreamed of; best of luck.

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