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7 Essential Tips For A Healthy Kidney

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The kidney is one of the organs responsible for the elimination of waste products of metabolism. It also helps a great deal in the regulation of blood pressure and blood glucose levels. As age crops in, the kidney tends to lose its function. Chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, …

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Secret of Aging with Style and Attitude

Aging is a natural phase of one’s life that occurs to all individuals.It is, therefore, important to prepare ourselves to deal with its effects. However, not all people are informed on how to deal with it. As we continue growing older, there are two things that happen biologically to our …

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How to keep your heart Healthy


The heart is one of essential body organs that directly influence our living. With the increased cases of heart diseases, I deem it important that we take the time to consider how to keep the heart healthy. The basic and most primary practices to ensure a healthy heart are a …

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7 Effective tips for healthy eating


7 Effective tips for healthy eating Eating is the most basic and fundamental way of obtaining nutrients from the outside world into the body. These nutrients are used by the body for growth and development including the development of your immune system. However, to get the best nutrients, you must …

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6 Health Tips for Vibrant Skin


Looking for ways to have healthy and vibrant skin? This article has something for you. While many people struggle to find remedies for wrinkles, acne, and sunburn, other people have hereditary healthy and always vibrant skin. That does not mean that you cannot achieve the skin of your dreams from …

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Public healthcare systems in developing countries


Unlike developed countries that have maximized on basic healthcare, developing countries still lag behind. This is because most authorities focus on remodeling the institutions and developing alternative sources of funds to sustain them. The poor countries underutilize healthcare interventions thus subjecting affected people to adverse conditions. A study that was …

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Understanding maternal and child healthcare


According to a study report carried out by US Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1990, up to 100 million children have been saved through improved healthcare institutions. In 2008 alone, the program assisted more than 4.6 million children and 200,000 mothers. Even though this report reveals that they are …

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Stages of Pregnancy Month by Month


So you just found out you are expecting a baby! Your body will undergo a lot of changes: the miracle of a new life is taking place inside of you, and your body is preparing for it. But how does it happen? How is it that a simple tiny ovule …

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Oh, My Back Is Aching!

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Oh, my back is aching! If you’ve just exclaimed, “Oh, my back is aching!,” you’re not alone. Most people miss classes or work and go to see a doctor due to back pain and it is a global leader in causing disability. Back ache is common and affects approximately 80 …

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Are you Asthmatic

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Are you Asthmatic? If your chest normally makes a wheezy or a whistling sound as you breathe, you probably have asthma – a lingeringlung condition that results to the narrowing and constriction of the passageways or bronchial tubes that enable the movement of air in and out of the lungs. …

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What Causes Anxiety?

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What Causes Anxiety? Anxiety refers to feelings of fear, worry and nervousness. It includes the physical as well as emotional sensations people might have when anxious or worried about something. Even though anxiety is usually regarded as unpleasant, it is actually connected to the biological reaction of ‘flight or fight’ …

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Anti Aging Secrets

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Anti Aging Secrets If you have hit the thirties, it is supposed to be the time to enjoy your best years; finally your relationships are on track, you have attained job security and basically you have put your act together. However, it is at this prime time that life throws …

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Super Easy Full-On Natural Beauty Tips

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Super easy full-on natural beauty tips We are conditioned to believe that there aren’t any simple and cheap natural beauty tricks and tips. Or, how else is the beauty industry worth $300 billion? In addition, the average woman has to fork out $15,000 during her lifetime on makeup alone! She …

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