Can You Use Hair Dye to Dye Your Eyebrows | In 2021

We have all been using hair dyes for years to change our hair colour. I think you should try something new. It is time to try a different shade for your eyebrows. If you’re looking for a way to change the colour of your eyebrows, hair dye might be an option. Can you use hair dye to dye your eyebrows? Here’s what you need to know about this temporary method!

To avoid unwanted results, you should know what shade you’re going to use, as other shades may have an adverse effect. The shade you choose should not make you look older or younger than your actual age. Your colour choice should perfectly suit your skin tone and facial shape.

Note: You do not have to visit a beauty salon to dye your eyebrows, but you can do so if you wish. Eventually, you will be able to achieve the perfect eyebrow shade.

You can achieve the perfect shade of eyebrows with these top tips.


Use eyebrow pencils

If you want to use a professional way, you must try out eyebrow pencils as they are available online. It is a perfect way to get the perfect color for your eyebrows without the mess. It is ideal to try a new shade for your eyebrows as it will save you from spending time and money in the salon.


Try using eye shadow


It is one of the easiest ways to get the perfect eyebrow colour. You can use eye shadow to create an ideal shade for your eyebrows. The best part is that you don’t need to spend money in the salon for this.


Getting the perfect eyebrow dye is possible if you follow these tips. You need to mix two colours of eyeliner with two different mascara colours. Apply the eyeliner on your brows, blend them, and then apply the mascara to the eyes.


Fix the eyebrows


It is the essential step you need to do to get a perfect eyebrow shape. It would help if you fixed the eyebrow from the inside to the top of the brow.


You can use a brow brush to fix your brow, but you need to clean the brush first. It can harm your hair if you don’t clean it, and your brow will never look beautiful.


Get your brow shape right


Once you have fixed your eyebrows, it is time to start shaping your eyebrow. It is a complicated task to shape your eyebrows; you need to know the shapes well, and you also need to practice.

How to Make Natural Eyebrow Color at Home


Do you want to look beautiful in front of the mirror but don’t know where to start? Are you a girl who wants to know the best way to make natural eyebrow color at home?


For anyone who wants to know how to make natural eyebrow colour at home, this guide is for you.


First of all, let’s talk about the basics of makeup. As we all know, there are three steps in every makeup: foundation, mascara, and eye shadow. But today, we will focus on eyebrows only, and I will tell you how to make a natural eyebrow colour at home.


So, without wasting your time, let’s start.


Makeup Ingredients:


  • Eyebrow pencil


  • Mascara


  • Eyeliner


  • Eyebrow powder


  • Eyebrow glue


  • Eyebrow brush


  • Eyebrow gel


  • Glycerin (to mix with water)


 Using natural ingredients to color eyebrows at home 

If you want to get the perfect eyebrows, you should know the ingredients used for making brow color at home.


Eyebrow pencil


Eyebrow pencil is one of the essential tools which is used for shaping the eyebrows. It will give the right shape and thickness to your eyebrows.




Mascara is the next essential step of eyebrow colour at home. This will help to darken the eyebrows and enhance their beauty.




Eyeliner is the best way to give an attractive appearance to your eyes. You can apply eyeliner on the outer corner of the eyes, making your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.


Eyebrow powder


This is one of the essential steps in our daily makeup routine. We use eyebrow powder to fill in the hairs that are missing.


Eyebrow brush


Cleaning the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush involves removing dirt from the eyebrows. It helps to make the eyebrows neat and tidy.


Eyebrow gel


It is another step to give a smooth and long-lasting brow color at home. The brows will look perfect after this step.


Glycerin (to mix with water)


Your eyebrow colour will last longer if you use glycerin. Glycerin will give the right texture to your brow color.


So, now it’s time to start the DIY.


You need to take a pencil and apply it to the eyebrows and then follow these steps:


  • Clean your eyebrows with alcohol-based makeup remover


  • Take a brush and gently brush the eyebrows.


  • Apply some eyebrow gel on the brows and then apply eyebrow powder


  • Apply eyeliner and mascara on the eyebrows


Gray Eyebrows: Make Them Beautiful


When it comes to beauty, so many people want to look beautiful in every way. From makeup to hair, makeup to clothing and accessories, they are all trying to look better and more attractive.


The essential part is the eyebrows which can change the overall look of your face. Some so many women prefer to color their eyebrows as it is considered to be one of the most important parts of the face.


If your eyebrows are grey, then you must make them beautiful. But you cannot just colour them. You need to choose the right color according to your skin tone.


So, here are some effective tips for colouring grey eyebrows:


Pick a colour that matches your skin tone


A little tip for you is that when choosing a colour for your eyebrows, don’t go for any bright colours. The reason is that they will make your eyebrows look too light, and they are not suitable for dark skin.


So, if you have medium-dark skin, then go for the colour that will make your eyebrows look darker. You can also add a bit of brown or black colour to your eyebrows.


Avoid going with bold colours


The most common mistake girls make is using too much colour and making their eyebrows appear too bold. Please don’t do that because it will make your eyebrows look too heavy.


Use light color


You should choose a light color for your eyebrows. The light color will look good on your skin, and it will give a natural look to your face.


So, always use light colors for your eyebrows. If you have medium skin, you can use white or silver color.


Choose your eyebrows carefully


If you have dark eyebrows, you need to choose the color wisely. Make sure that the color you choose will not make your eyebrows look too dark or heavy.


If you have dark eyebrows, you can choose a dark color for your eyebrows. It will make your eyebrows look beautiful.

Hair dye eyebrows blindness

If you want to do the similar, check out this guide on dyeing your eyebrows with hair dye. Eyebrow dyes are especially popular among people with fair hair, as they help fill in sparse areas and create a perfect frame for the face!

Permanent Hair Dye is a form of coloring one’s hair applied to the root and will last for 8-12 weeks.

FAQ: Can You Use Hair Dye to Dye Your Eyebrows?

How long does hair dye last on eyebrows?

One of the common enquiries I get asked about hair dye is, “How long does it last?” The answer is that it all be contingent on what type you use, how often you touch your eyebrows, and how well-groomed they are. If you want to know for sure how long your dye will last, try this experiment: Apply hair dye to one eyebrow without touching it at all over two weeks. Compare the color with the other brow after 14 days and see which one has faded more.

What can I use to dye my eyebrows at home?

“We all know the struggle of trying to find a brow product that matches our hair color. If you can’t find one, it’s not impossible to dye your eyebrows at home.”

It is possible to use food and drug store products for this process, but we recommend using a kit like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Kit.

“The difficult part is finding the right shade of hair dye. The perfect color for your brows should be somewhere between 1 and 2 shades lighter than the color of your hair.”

Can you use permanent hair dye on your eyebrows?

Did you know that permanent hair dye is safe to use on your eyebrows? Even though we don’t recommend this, some people have found success with this. It might be a bit messy and take more time than using an eyebrow pencil or gel. But it is an option.

Using regular hair dye to dye your eyebrows can be a bit tricky. If you’ve done it before, then you know that it’s better not to apply shade directly from the bottle to your skin. It will stain and may last longer than it should.

How can I naturally darken my eyebrows?

Opportunely, there are several ways that you can use to darken your eyebrows naturally. No matter why you want to change the color of your eyebrows, it’s important to know that there is something out there for everyone. Here are some of the most popular options:

Henna is a natural root of a tree that’s been used for generations as an ancient beauty secret. In many regions, it represents happiness and prosperity. It can last from 3-4 weeks, depending on how often you wash your face during this period.

What’s the best eyebrow dye?

Eyebrow dye is a product that many people have used, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. If you’ve been using eyebrow dye for years without any problems, then you’re either incredibly lucky or have a fantastic sense of style and taste! This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the best types of eyebrow dyes for those who aren’t so blessed. Enjoy!


Is it probable to use hair dye on your eyebrows? There are some things you essential to know first. Eyebrow hair is different from other hair types because of its shape and texture, so if you’re not careful, coloring the wrong way can be hard. There’s no point in just putting a glob of dye on your eyebrow and hoping for the best. Instead, it’s better to let your hair dye set first and then use an eyebrow pencil or gel to make sure everything is as desired.


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