Top Five Teenager Skin Problems and Its Solution

Teens are active, creative, and proactive people; they are always dealing with many pressures from schools, adolescence problems, friends, extracurricular activities, and many other things at that age. Moreover, in the middle of anxiety and all those activities, teenager skin problems are one of the greatest annoyances. Many problems in skin make teenager more confused and anxious.

If you are a teenager who is dealing with all those problems, desiring something different about your skins, continually looking at your face in the mirror, and feeling shame on you, continue reading this article to find the top five teenager skin problems and its solution. To make it clear, this top is not following an order. 

Top Five Teenager Skin Problems: Dermatitis or Eczema(1)

What is Eczema & Dermatitis?

Eczema can also refer to Dermatitis. It mostly occurs on the face, the hands, feet, elbows, or knees. Even the condition usually produces prickle, scratching will lead you to spread the problem and get more inflammation. It iß mainly found in teenagers.

Why is it?

This condition could affect teenagers because of genetics and the environment, but there is not an exact cause for this disease. Many people could have the wrong idea that the condition may spread to other people by touching, which will lead those teenagers to feel uncomfortable with their appearance. This condition could get better through the age and past of the years. Many signs can lead you to recognize their symptoms:

It’s Solution

To avoid this disease or at least minimize the appearance, you can prevent different types of materials and products that will trigger an alteration. Therefore, the first step is to find and knowing what brings all those conditions about flare-ups. Then, following the first step, write a list of the new clean products, foods, or any other thing that could affect your skin with inflammation, prickle, or any other flare-ups. 

Also, to continue improving, you can follow the next options:

  • Include a moisturizing routine with all cleaners for sensitive skin. 
  • Take some pills of antihistamines to avoid prickles and inflammation.
  • Keep your nails short to avoid scratching your face or the injured part of your body.
  • Visit a dermatologist to get treatment according to your type of face.

Teenager Skin Problem: Oily Patches on Skin( 2)

What is Oily Skin?

Because of the many hormones that teenagers present at these ages, their skin shows an ultra-shiny face. This skin could lead them to have or not pimples or acne. 

Why is the oil presented?

The oil is created to maintain your face hydrated and healthy. But in some people, the gland in charge of producing this oil could produce too much. Therefore, some of the causes to produce oily-faced is by genetic, lifestyle factors, environments, and many factors that are not under your control.

Its solution

The idea to get better with this disease is by identifying the causes. Some important tips for treating this disease could be the following:

  • Try to evaluate all the assessments of the greasy skin condition with a dermatologist.
  • Explore the treatments that the doctor presented to you.
  • In a risky case, by approving the FDA laser treatment, it could dial down your oil gland activity. This treatment is called Aramis.
  • Do not wash your face many times, thinking that it will help you.

Teenager Skin Problem: Acne(3)

What is acne?

Acne is when the pores get obstructed and following with trapping dead skin cells inside the pores. The most common spots to present acne are the teens’ cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Also, usually, teens tend to infect and scarring acne spot by scratching them.

Why is Acne show in our face?

As a result of the many changes that the body presents, the skin reacts. Most importantly, the cause is at the moment that the pores get clogged, acne could appear at the face.

Its solution 

Many people start to use over-the-counter acne treatment, which will cause a stop working after some days of applying. Therefore, some ways to help you minimizing or eliminating this disease are the following:

  • Visit some board-certified dermatologist to get a prescription medication for teenage acne.
  • Find information about the laser treatments for acne.
  • Get some chemical peels to help the acne to be reduced.

Teenager Skin Problem: Excessive Sweating( 4)

What is Excessive Sweating?

The teenagers can show many signs of excessive sweating. It can appear on their clothes, palms, the scalp, under warms, on their feet, and even on the face. It could be so annoying to those individuals that are passing through this age and stage. 

Why is it?

It is presented as a result of some glands called acetylcholine; those glands are the ones that produce the sweating.

It’s solution

Hopefully, there are some tips to decrease this disease. 

  • First, one crucial artifact is an antiperspirant deodorant; do not buy a perfumed one because it will cause more problems over your clothes. Instead, an antiperspirant will reduce the sweat.
  • Then, take a shower two times per day to feel more comfortable.

There are many cases where these pieces of advice do not help anything, but a doctor might have a possible solution. It involves invasive surgery to target the sweat glands. This surgery is with the purpose to reduce the acetylcholine; those glands are the one who causes the sweating.

Teenager Skin Problem: Sunburn(5)

What is it?

It is overexposure to the sunlight. To point out, this disease is one of the leading causes of many skin conditions as cancers. This could occur as a result of overexposure to sunlight every day.

Some of the symptoms to recognize this are the change in skin color, usually in red color. Also, sunburned areas often harm and itch. People with burns usually present some nausea, headache, or even exhaustion.

Why is it?

Teens have a higher risk if they practice some outdoor activities, events, or do some sports. The most effective way to reduce the possibility of sunburn on the face or any other part of the body is to apply sunblock daily. 

It’s a solution


Fortunately, some tips to avoid sunburn are to prevent spending time in the sun and use sunscreen almost every day.
Most of the teenagers do not feel comfortable with all the problems in their skins, which will lead to trying different treatments that could not be the ones for your disease. Therefore, it is essential to realize that you, as a parent and as a teenager, are not doctors, which means that a visit to a doctor is a must to prevent the top five diseases.