10 Skin Diseases for Women and Teenage : Effective Guideline

You may have suffered from various skin diseases before that caused by viruses, bacteria, or pathogens. Mostly, women and teenagers suffer from various skin diseases; the reason behind can be anything.

There are different skin diseases; most of us face teenage skin problems like acne, hives, vitiligo, etc. You should know about the skin disease diagnosis and treatment so that you can consult a dermatologist.

You can immediately consult a doctor if you can assume your skin disease with your symptoms. Let’s find out 10 skin diseases for women and teenage specially on face, their diagnosis, and solutions.

10 Skin Diseases for Women and Teenage and Their Treatment

1. Acne

When a female is going through her adolescence or teenage, she may suffer from acne. If you’re a woman, you may have to face this whenever your menstrual cycle shows up. But some of you suffer from excessive acne.

Do you know where acne occurs the most or where it shows up? It will mostly show up on your forehead and cheeks, sometimes on your nose. They are either small or medium size; turn red.

Your dermatologist may prescribe you some ointment or oral medicine so that you get rid of acne problems. Some medicines may cause side-effects on you; tell your doctor if you have a medical issue.

Adapalene Topical, Tretinoin Topical, Sarecycline tablets are some of the most effective medicines for acne.

2. Tanning Bed Rash on Buttocks

You may have dry skin, or you have seen dry skin images on the Internet. Tanning bed rash can cause dry skin. People who use tanning beds have rashes on their buttocks usually; it can develop out of the heat.

The primary reason is which body part lies in bed for a long time and gets affected by tanning rashes. You may be allergic to bed cleaner or sun; so, you may have rashes because of suntan.

It would be better if you avoid sun-heat to reduce your rash; medication is not necessary. Take a bath with warm water; this will continually reduce your rash. You can use aloevera and other cream or ointments.

3. Eczema 

Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases among women; there are even famous people with eczema. It looks yellow or white patchy or sometimes, looks reddish. It feels oily or greasy, and sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

It can grow on your scalp, eyebrows, hands, neck, or other parts, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have any particular solution. It either automatically goes away, or your dermatologist may suggest some medicines to cure.

Dupixent injection and Eucrisa ointment can cure medium or severe eczema; don’t worry if you’re suffering from it.

4. Hives

It occurs due to heat; women who stay a long time in the sun or kitchen face it the most. They are not long-lasting; they usually go away within 2-4 hours. They also have red complexion; those areas enlarge and are itchy.

If the hives don’t disappear within a definite time and spread all over the body, you should consult a doctor. They will suggest you some antihistamine like diphenhydramine, cetirizine, etc.

It can be caused by either heat or allergy; stop irritating the itchy area. A coldwater bath may relax you for some time from the itchy feelings.

5. Scars and Wrinkles

Scars may come from an injury or burn that sometimes, don’t go away but remains in your body. On the other hand, wrinkles result from aging in a woman; men don’t usually have wrinkles.

If you’re fed up with your scars and wrinkles, go to a renowned dermatologist. He/ she will suggest you some medicines or facial treatments with natural elements. Laser treatment also helps to reduce your scars, but the radiation has some side effects too.

10 Skin Diseases for Women and Teenage Effective Guideline

6. Stretch Marks

The stretch mark problem is mostly seen in women or those who have suddenly gained or lost a lot of weight. For instance, a person who has recently come to his optimum body weight from obesity or a pregnant woman and gained weight.

You should take instant action when the marks show up; use some creams to reduce your stretch marks. If you delay treating your marks, they will be permanent and never reduce.

Retinoid creams help recover the stretched skin because it contains collagen that immediately works on stretch marks.

7. Ringworm 

Ringworm is common and usually shows up in men and women in the winter. It is an itchy and red-ringed surface. It’s contagious; it’s an abnormal condition of the skin caused by a fungal infection.

You may get infected through an affected person or animal; you may also catch this disease from an infected cloth or surface. They also spread from one body part to another; keep your hands and other parts clean.

Your dermatologist may suggest some medicines such as Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Terbinafine, etc. to put on your skin.

8. Lupus

Lupus is among the genetic skin conditions; it’s seen anywhere on your body with various rashes (ring, butterfly, or disk-shaped). There are some other symptoms like fever, fatigue, anemia, mood swings, or confusion.

Lupus may sometimes cause blood clots beside other symptoms; please don’t neglect; otherwise, it will turn into severe skin disease. Start the proper treatment right after you’ve diagnosed this disease and consulted a doctor.

9. Skin Anomaly

Skin anomaly occurs due to skin’s malformation; it may develop on your head, face, neck, or other body parts. The primary cause is abnormal genetic malformation and disorder in chromosomes.

You can diagnose it by CT scan or MRI test; let your doctor take the right action. It’s not a contagious or bacterial/ viral infection.

10. Rosacea 

It’s similar to acne, and quite common among women; it’s not a severe skin problem with specific medications. If you have any confusion, you may search for disease photos on the Internet and find out more about it.

Keeping your skin clean and dirt free is the only way to avoid rosacea; you should avoid an unhealthy lifestyle. You may try to use home remedies to get rid of rosacea.


There are uncountable skin diseases worldwide other than these ten diseases such as yeast infection in the vagina, moles, unwanted hair growth, etc. All dermatological diseases have some unique symptoms and solutions.

Be conscious about your skin and health; be aware of something unusual on your skin. Consult your locality’s best dermatologist before your it’s too late, and treat your skin.

Remember, your skin is the part of your health and beauty; take care of it properly.

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