Best Body Wash For Pregnancy: Let Your Motherhood Become An Excellent Path

The skin of pregnant women tends to have noticeable skin changes. This is due to the significant fluctuation of hormones that add to this state. Do not worry! If you are pregnant, you can exceptionally fight any skin problem.

We bring you the best body wash for pregnancy with all the information you need to know before your purchase. As the skin tends to become more sensitive, the ingredients have to be carefully selected. Thus, you can ensure your health and that of your baby.

The soaps you buy should prioritize that they protect you against dryness and do not give you dryness. On the contrary, these soaps should help relieve itching and keep your body fully hydrated.

Continue reading this article if you want to know more about the gels that can do your skin right. Protect yourself and feel perfect during your pregnancy.



What is body wash for pregnancy? Your choice all depends on your needs. During pregnancy, many people have different challenges. Some react with some fragrances, while others do not like the coconut oil scent. That is why we brought you these best body wash for pregnancy review to help you identify the best. They are of different brands and types.

Our article focuses on body wash for pregnancy, its features, description, direction, benefits, among other information. Read ahead and learn more about body wash for pregnancy:

Changes in your skin

All women who have ever been pregnant will know about the changes that the skin experiences. Your skin can often undergo changes that increase your skin’s beauty, but others can have changes that frustrate and stress you. Of all this, hormones are to blame.

Why pregnant women need to use the right body wash

The changes are usually very noticeable. You could experience changes or pigmentation in the skin, stretch marks, itching, sensitivity, among others. If you do not use a suitable skin product for your needs, the symptoms could increase.

Skin problems in your pregnancy need to be addressed effectively. Bath gels can significantly help any of these above. Any type of soap right for your skin with only the right ingredients can work wonders on it.

The shower gels you use should avoid stripping any type of natural oil on your skin for the best results. Besides, you must focus that they do not have any chemicals or toxic substances. All of this can significantly affect you, your skin, and even your child.


There are too many products that are not good for your skin when you are pregnant. We care about the health of your baby and yours. Avoid chemical body washes at all costs. Instead, select one of these top 09 that we bring you. You will not be able to quantify the benefits you will get.

PRODUCT 1: The two-pack Puracy Body Wash with citrus and sea salt

What is it?

The Puracy gel is a soap to bathe during your pregnancy. It is a 99.3% natural product, so it does not have adverse effects on your pregnancy state. It has freshly sliced orange peels, squeezed grapefruit shine on top to give you freshness whenever you use it.

More than 8 million people use this type of product since it has been awarded as one of the essential products for skincare, in your gestation period, and for home care.

The wonderful thing about this product is its plant-driven performance. This type of shower gel is vegan. It will create an abundant lather that helps you hydrate your skin. You will also have sea salt to purify and balance your PH.


  • BRAND: Puracy
  • Size: 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)
  • Scent: Citrus and Sea Salt
  • Plant-powered performance


  • You will have a clean, fresh, and hydrated skin.
  • It is rich in foam, and it does not have harsh chemicals.
  • It will always preserve beneficial skin oils.
  • It will help you to rinses clean and will not irritate.
  • It has a guarantee called “Pure Love.” If you do not like the results, you get your money back.


  • The smell is not very strong

How to use it

At the moment of use, the coconut glycinate will begin to act, creating a spongy foam that will leave your skin sensational. This foam will allow obtaining soft, hydrated, and fresh skin right after finishing to use it. It will not alter the skin’s outer layer at any time; you will not have irritation, much less dryness.

You can use it as a daily soap for all skin types. You will always get a silky, clean, and above all, soft feeling.

PRODUCT 2: Bath gel with natural nutrients to nourish and smooth your skin from DOVE

What is it?

During pregnancy, our skin usually needs more love. Dove Body washes with its deep moisturizing formula, will give you what you need. This soap contains a unique blend of moisturizers along with its natural ingredients

This soap also gives you 100% gentle cleansers, and it is sulfate-free. Its formula helps to keep the PH balanced healthily.

DOVE soap will help you eliminate any type of microbiome that you may have on your skin. In addition, it leaves you with a softer skin feeling exactly after using it.


  • Brand: DOVE
  • Size: 34 ounce
  • Style Name: Deep Moisture


  • It contains 0% harshness.
  • It will effectively wash away bacteria
  • Helps balance PH
  • It is a brand recommended by dermatologists
  • Nourish your skin with its rich and creamy formula


  • No cons found

How to use it

For Dove soap to work on your skin, you have to use it like conventional soaps. You must be careful that it does not have any contact with the eyes.

Also, you can squeeze the soap onto a wet pouf or any washcloth you have. Then, it will work into a rich, creamy lather. After using it, you will get a skin with the necessary nutrients, and it will leave your skin much smoother.

PRODUCT 3: The 19.5 oz coffee body wash from Ogx

What is it?

You will love the OGX formula. Not only can you use it as a shower gel for the duration of your pregnancy, but it also serves as a body scrub. Its formula with exotic arabica combined with coconut oil provides you with all the necessary nutrients to soften your skin.

Pregnancy can continually dry out the skin, but with this Ogx formula, you will have fully hydrated skin. You can enjoy the aroma of coffee combined with coconut oil.


  • Brand: Ogx
  • Size: 19.5 ounces
  • It helps you to shield from dry the skin


  • Works as soap and exfoliator
  • Products inspired by nature
  • You will have smoother, softer, and healthier skin.
  • It has an incredibly delicious smell


  • If you have sensitive skin, it is better to consult with your dermatologist

How to use it

OGZ Body Wash comes with the option of exfoliating while you use it. Its formula of arabica coffee and coconut oil allows you to feel the exfoliation by putting it on your skin. When you use it daily, you can see the benefits of smoothing and firming the skin.

It gives you a spectacular aroma every time you use it. You will feel the fresh aroma of the coffee, and it will last you all day. You smell perfectly fine, and it may help you keep your skin hydrated.

PRODUCT 4: The 16 oz Blue Cedar & Cypress Body Wash – Cream

What is it?

The cream-gel has a fragrance of Blue Cedar ad Cypress. This soap was designed by experts on the subject of essences and natural products.

Its formula gives you a considerable amount of foam to obtain all the benefits of this soap. It is not a premixed formula; it will provide endless services for you and your baby.


  • Brand: Cremo
  • It is two-pack
  • Size: 16 ounces each


  • You can use it in all seasons of the year, and it will always hydrate your skin.
  • It does not leave any sticky feeling.
  • It has a long-lasting fragrance but is not overwhelming by the smell.
  • It is a high-end product


  • Shipping could have some problems

How to use it

To receive all the benefits of this bath gel, you must use it as a conventional soap. As you wash your body, the aroma and layers will evolve. Thus, they will reveal the richness of this soap’s high, middle, and low notes. You will have a lasting aroma for the whole day.

PRODUCT 5: 30-Ounce Coconut-Softening Bath Gel by Jason

What is it?

Jason’s soap will help you clean and naturally nourish your skin. It has a formula infused with coconut oil and shea butter. Therefore, these two ingredients combined provide you with complete nutrition. In addition, you will have hydrated, smooth, and renewed skin.

You can trust that this formula has safe ingredients for the skin and its users’ health. Besides, it will provide you with a smoothness and effectiveness since it does not contain parabens, petroleum jelly, or some type of healthy sulfate.


  • Brand: Jason
  • Flavor: Coconut
  • Size: 30 ounces


  • It is not tested on animals
  • Bath gel is designed by a brand with more than 50 years of experience.
  • Its main ingredient is infused with unrefined coconut oil
  • It is a gel rich in vitamin E
  • Does not contain antioxidants


  • The shipping process can be rigorous

How it works

This soap has coconut as its main ingredient, which provides softness to the skin. When you put this gel on your skin, the shea butter will help leave your skin soft, renewed, and smooth. You can use it as a conventional soap. However, it will provide you with much more hydration than traditional soaps. It will not harm you or your baby.

You must apply the damp skin in the bath or shower. Then, begin to massage the area where you are using it gently. After creamy lather and rinse clean with warm water.

PRODUCT 6: Body wash from Aveeno with coconut and oats aroma

What is it?

Aveeno will help you avoid changes in the skin of pregnant women. Dermatologists recommend this soap. This soap has been recommended for over 65 years and continues to be a leading brand.

Forget about dry skin with daily use. The tropical coconut scent will help you get soft, smooth, and healthy skin. This product is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. It will not give you allergies, nor does it have dyes.

This Aveeno gel uses products of nature mixed with science to create a fantastic formula. You will have a healthy appearance and, at the same time, a feeling of not retaining moisture.


  • Brand: Aveeno
  • Size: 12 ounces
  • Scent: Coconut and Oats


  • It is tested against allergies
  • Removes dirt while hydrating you
  • Eliminate and prevent bacteria
  • Provides relief from dry, itchy skin
  • Has relaxing oatmeal to nourish


  • Consult with your dermatologist

How it works

The 12-ounce bottle gives you significant relief against dry skin. Also, the first application will provide you with noticeable nutrition. You can use it daily on sensitive skin. This shower gel is dermatologist tested. You should put it on a sponge or in the palm of your hand. Afterward, begin to rub until you foam. Lastly, rinse as usual.

PRODUCT 7: 32 oz Lavender Scented Body Wash by Avalon Organics.

What is it?

Avalon gel gives you everything you need to recover from extra dry skin. One of the most significant benefits it will bring you is cleaning and restoring dry skin anywhere on the body gently.

This bath gel works through its ingredients. It is designed with a plant base that combines them with botanical cleansers, essential oils, and even vitamins for better results. It will help you nourish, purify, and even recover all your skin.

Its main ingredients are aloe, botanical cleansers, vegetable proteins, among others. Its formula is 100% vegan, and they are never tested on animals. In addition, its lavender oil will help you relax your body every time you use this soap.


  • Brand: Avalon Organics
  • Style Name: Nourishing Lavender Body Wash and Shower Gel
  • Size: 32 Ounces


  • It is a certified product by the NFS / ANSI 305.
  • It is a vegan and cruelty-free product.
  • The absorption will be without you realizing it.
  • It will leave you a soft and supple skin.
  • It gives you all the benefits of the plants that its formula carries.


  • Your formula may vary

How it works

This bath gel includes their addresses on the label. You should follow them strictly. However, you would have to use it like any other bath gel. At the time of application, you will begin to feel the softness that will leave you and the aroma you will remain.

PRODUCT 8: The extra creamy and coconut miracle body wash from OGX

What is it?

OGX brings you a bath gel enriched with coconut oil, vanilla extract, and even tiare essence. All these ingredients will help you restore moisture to your skin. Thus, no matter how dry your skin is, your skin will be restored as you use it.

With this gel, your skin will find the nutrition and hydration that you have always dreamed of. Your skin will become radiant, fresh, and healthy.


  • Brand: OGX
  • Size: 19.5 Ounces
  • Style: Coconut and extra creamy


  • It contains extra tiare and vanilla bean essence.
  • It helps you restore moisture.
  • It is a sulfate-free surfactant product.
  • It is an ultra-moisturizing blend product


  • In hot times of the year, the use may affect you a bit due to the heat.

How it works

You only have to put a little of this gel all over your body to have exaggerated hydration. You need to start by generously massaging each part of your body so that the gel begins to absorb when you are showering. This mixture will allow you to restore moisture to your skin even when it is scorched.

PRODUCT 9: Aveeno Fragrance-Free Oatmeal Gel – 33 Ounce

What is it?

Aveeno is confident in how powerful natural ingredients are. If you are pregnant and looking for a soap that only provides benefits to your skin, you are in the right place.

This brand of bath gels has been creating products since 1945 for all skin types. Its ingredients help you soothe and nourish the skin.

This 33-ounce bottle will help cleanse your skin while giving it incredible softness. In addition to eliminating all kinds of bacteria and dirt, it provides you relief against dry skin and itching.

It has a unique formula to be able to use it daily. Thus, oatmeal will also provide you with all the moisture that you have always been looking for.


  • Brand: Aveeno
  • Size: 33 ounces
  • Fragrance-free.


  • It is allergy tested and soap-free.
  • It is designed for everyday use.
  • Aveeno focuses on using natural products to combine with science.
  • You will have healthy, balanced skin.
  • The freshness will last you approximately 24 hours.


  • Do not use it if oatmeal gives you an allergy

How it works

To see results, you must use it daily. You only have to put a little bath gel on your hand, a washcloth, or a sponge with which you will rub on your body. Then start rubbing until you get the necessary foam. Scrub all the lather all over your body and finish rinsing.


When you are pregnant, you do not usually buy everything you see. This is because you are always looking for the well-being of your baby. Motherhood is a spectacular and sensitive period for women. When you get a perfect shower gel, your skin will thank you. But what should you look for? Here are some things to keep in mind before finding the best body wash for pregnancy.


Before purchasing any beauty product, you should know what type of skin you have. The same goes for shower gels. Even if you are pregnant or not, you should focus on this point before selecting a shower gel.

This is because not all of them are compatible with your skin. If we buy one that is not compatible, it could generate many more changes than those you will already have due to pregnancy.


When you are pregnant, the care you must have is much more excellent. It would be best if you entrusted your care to what a professional says. You could have control and recommendations to obtain the best results for you and your baby. You could inquire about pregnancy safe body wash.


Pregnancy bath products should not have any type of chemical in their formula. Try to buy products that contain organic and natural ingredients. Thus, you will take care of your skin in a much more effective way without harming your baby. Always check the ingredients.


The safest body soap should provide you with all kinds of hydration. Always make sure that you also drink water regularly, that your soap has ingredients that add hydration to your skin. Thus, you will avoid any type of itching or dryness on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the shower gels listed here help me to eliminate dry skin during maternity?

Definitely yes. We have listed these soaps; their primary function is to help eliminate all dryness from your skin. Besides, they help to eliminate some type of itching during pregnancy. Be sure to read the ingredients of each product that we have described so that you can have a much more complete idea.

  • Why do pregnant women suffer skin changes?

Pregnant women often have changed due to the number of hormones they have during pregnancy. This causes the skin to become a little dry, elastic, and above all, to lose hydration. Therefore, you may have symptoms of scaly, dull, dry, and very vulnerable skin.

  • What is the best gel you can get?

Practically, you will need to get a shower gel that contains mostly natural ingredients. Besides, they include skin protectors, which provide you with hydration. Avoid at all costs any type of product with chemical substances or components.

  • What chemicals should I avoid at all costs during my pregnancy?

Avoid triclosan, fragrances, rosemary, and parabens. All of these chemicals could cause you more problems than you can have during pregnancy. Try to avoid them!


Keep your skin healthy, fresh, and without dryness problems with the BEST BODY WASH FOR PREGNANCY. We have given you a complete guide to making the best decision. Get all the benefits of each of these bath gels and enjoy your pregnancy.

You can choose these soaps without any problem. All have been specifically selected because they will only benefit you, your skin, and your child. Do not hesitate to read each of the specifications in detail to feel more secure regarding your purchase. Say goodbye to dry skin; say hello to all the benefits of your pregnancy.

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