How to Get Thicker Hair: 5 Steps That Works

Do you want thicker hair? If the answer is yes, then this how to get thicker hair guide will teach you how to do just that.

This blog post discusses how to get thick hair by taking 5 key steps and provides a list of solutions for each one. We also talk about maintaining your new thickness so that it doesn’t disappear after a few weeks or months.

Step One: Moisturize Dry Hair

Dry hair is thinner and more prone to breakage. This means that dry, brittle strands will not be able to absorb as much of the thickening substances you put on them.

So to moisturize your locks, try using a heat protectant when styling. You can also use a leave-in conditioner or even olive oil before shampooing. After drying with a towel, apply an oil such as jojoba or avocado onto damp hair for added shine and thickness!

The first step to get thicker hair looks at how you take care of it in general; make sure your tresses are well-nourished so they’ll grow long and healthy without breaking off prematurely due to damage.

Shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo

Next, shampoo your with a sulfate-free shampoo since this kind will not dry out the strands as regular shampoos do.

After using a good conditioner, use olive oil or jojoba oil on damp hair for added shine and thickness.

Similarly, when styling, always put on heat protectant first because dry, brittle strands will not be able to absorb as much of the thickening substances you put on it.

Furthermore, you should also opt for shampooing every other day if you have naturally oily roots because this allows natural oils on top layers of hairs’ cuticles (shiny side)

Use a deep conditioner to add moisture to your hair and scalp

You can use a deep conditioner to add moisture to your hair and scalp. This will help improve the health of your locks, preventing them from becoming brittle or thinning prematurely due to damage.

Eggs can be used as a homemade deep conditioner for dry hair. From a DIY hair mask standpoint, it might be the best moisturizer for dry hair and scalp. Similarly, Egg Moisture Hair Masks provide excellent protein modification to make your hair more supple and shiny. This makes it a great homemade hair conditioner, especially for dry hair care.

When you’re in a severe hair crisis, and your hair looks like garbage, a good home remedy is a deep conditioner. This quickly fixed some issues, from brittle edges to dehydrated and dull hair. The deep conditioner uses the power from above to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and deliver nutrients to rejuvenate the hair.

The sebaceous glands in the scalp release sebum to naturally moisturize the hair. Subsequently, the sebum escapes from the scalp and smoothest the rest of the hair.

This natural hydration system may not be effective. Due to genetics or age, the sebaceous glands may not function properly. The type and length of your hair can also prevent the sebum from reaching your hair in time. Excessive washing, styling, and care can also cause hair to dry out.

Apply leave-in conditioner before you comb it out

You can apply a leave-in conditioner before you comb it out. And this will ensure that your hair is more manageable.

Now, how do you use a leave-in conditioner?

Well, all it takes is to spray or pour the product onto wet locks and then brush through. Similarly, it would help if you also combed out tangles before applying the treatment because this helps to spread conditioning agents evenly throughout strands of hair.

Be sure not to reuse bottles of lotion meant for dry skin on wet locks as they may contain ingredients that are too heavy for oily roots, such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Lastly, be aware that some oils can make your scalp greasy if rubbed excessively. So only apply a small amount. If necessary, then massage oil into hands instead. An example is avocado oil which can cause issues with oily scalps

Avoid heat styling tools like curling irons, straightening irons, or hot rollers

You can avoid heat-styling tools like curling irons, straightening irons, or hot rollers.

In order to keep hair thick and shiny without the extra heat damage, you can try an at-home deep conditioning treatment like a strand mask

Olive oil is also great for adding moisture back into dry hair or as a pre-shampoo treatment before shampooing.

You can find more information on how to get thicker hair by reading blog posts from this website which are all detailed with helpful tips and tricks. Furthermore, you can comment below if there’s anything we could add.

Drink lots of water

This helps keep your skin hydrated which will help make your hair shinier and healthier. 

The best way to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of water is by carrying a glass with you throughout the day.

When walking around town, fill up at any drinking fountain so that you don’t have to carry gallons of water all day long.

You can also buy individual refillable bottles like aluminum ones since they’re lighter than plastic ones. Stay away from sodas and energy drinks as these can cause dehydration or even lead to other health problems such as diabetes in some cases.

The reason liquids help thicken hair is that drinking more fluids than necessary will lead to dilution of any excess salt that may cause dehydration from sweat (due to exercise). Too much salt in your body has severe consequences to the hair, including making it brittle.  

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We hope our blog post has helped you to get thicker hair. These five steps will teach you how to increase your odds of a fuller head of hair, and we’ve provided solutions for each one.

If you need any additional help with getting thicker hair or maintaining it once it’s achieved, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to advise anytime on the best ways to transform thinning locks into beautiful thick ones.

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