Duke Cannon Soap Review With Buying 2020

Duke cannon soap review makes the best gifts for men, especially those with high tastes. It brings out masculine in men not to mention good grooming.  These soaps are made in the USA. Duke Cannon ensures that a portion of the income is directed to support veterans' causes.  Duke Cannon was inspired by a lot of aspects such as the best that nature could offer, hunting in the woods, the sweet scent, and the sweet scents of the pines among others. This brand wanted to appreciate hard-working men by offering something that would clean and nourish their skin. That is why, Duke cannon soaps nourish, repair, refreshes, and relax the skin.


Have you ever wondered why people use different soaps for bathing? Several people have diverse types of skin and tones. Some are oily, and other ones are normal, while others are dry. Moreover, women's skin is quite different from masculine soap; hence everyone should find a perfect soap that is particularly designed to meet their needs.

Top Duke Cannon Soap Review Products

In this article, we are going to look into different types of Duke Cannon soaps review and why most people think that after using them, they always feel like drinking a fine scotch in a wooden-paneled. In other words, is it the scent, the fact that it keeps your skin soft or that it is made of "all the natural coconut oil, steel-cut oats, fragrance and hard work" or the fact that it merely makes you clean?

I have used quite a several Duke Cannon soaps, and this is all I have to say about them:

1. Duke Cannon Tavern Collection Big Brick of Soap

Duke Cannon Tavern Collection, Big Brick of Soap, comes in a set that comprises of 10oz, Big American Bourbon soap and 10oz as well as a Big Ass Beer Soap. Big American Bourbon Soap is made from sweet Trace Bourbon and comes with unique Oak Barrel Scent. This soap is suitable for masculine use. Regular use ensures a continuous and smooth treatment in your face. It is a better option for you to love it.

Features and details

  • Made in the USA
  • Three times bigger than feminine bar soaps
  • Inspired by soap that was used by the Gls during the Korean war
  • Not for clowns
  • Produced by the same plant that supplied Korean War troops for two decades.
  • It was tested by active US military personnel.


  • Item Weight: 1.81 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B07D46364V
  • Item model number: SG_B07D46364V_US


  • Lathers well
  • Cleans well
  • Cares and nourishes your skin


  • This soap is more expensive than similar soaps in the market

Final verdict 

This is a product for people who like cleansing their skin. It is well packed hence can be carried everywhere without any problem.

2. Big American Bourbon Soap

Big American Bourbon Soap brings the spirit of the American frontier to your shower.  There is no doubt that the real Big American Bourbon Soap establishes that rich, unique oak barrel, and pleasant scent. The smell is just perfect but does not overpower.  Moreover, this soap is large and provides a wide range of uses.

Features and details

  • It suds up well as it is designed with the right antibacterial disinfection as well as deodorizing.
  • 10 oz, thus suitable for long-lasting use.
  • Rich in masculine oak barrel scent
  • Tastes like Bourbon
  • Made in the USA


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches ; 2.08 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • UPC: 854410004963
  • Item model number: SG_B076PQMDLW_US

Key specs

  • It is not triggered exfoliation
  • It is deodorizing
  • It is made of antibacterial as well as disinfection ingredients.

Other Features

  • It comes in a box that contains just one soap
  • It is not hypoallergenic
  • It is a bar soap
  • It does not affect the skin


  • It is suitable for all skin types as it is not hypoallergenic
  • Lathers nicely hence easy to use


  • This soap must be used on a daily basis to be effective

Final thoughts

Big American Bourbon is a good skin care soap that fights all the bacteria and the infections that might be on your skin. Also, it relaxes and refreshes your skin. It cleans your skin and leaves it spotless, healthy, and glowing.

Unlike other soaps that are wild and would react with your skin, this is made of unique oak barrel masculine scent and promotes its quality.

3. Big Ass Beer Soap

Big Ass Beer Soap was made in the same place that military soaps, these military ones were made for two decades.  Duke Cannon admires, appreciates, and supports veterans honor flight, not to mention military dogs.  These products are not overpriced. The soap lathers nicely and gets rid of all the dirt in your body. It is suitable for daily use, shower, bath, and travel, to mention a few ones.  This soap has gained popularity amongst most users, following the fact that there is no exaggeration in the processions. Everything is factored in, and the soaps are excellent and healthy for your skin.

Features and Appearance

  • Made in the USA
  • It does not smell like beer as it comes with a pleasant Woodsy and Sandalwood scent, just like a man should smell.
  • Paraben-free.
  • 10 ounce hence three times bigger than the feminine soaps
  • Not or clowns
  • Made with premium American Old Milwaukee Beer


  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 5 x 2.8 inches ; 10.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: Currently, the item can be shipped only within the U.S. as well as to APO/FPO addresses.
  • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping.
  • UPC: 854410004727
  • Item model number: BEER1


  • Refreshes the body
  • Suds up well
  • Smells outstandingly


  • This soap will not fit a standard travel-sized soap dish

Final thoughts about our soap

Big Ass Beer Soap is a perfect soap and has a pleasant scent. It lathers well, can be used for an extended period, and supports good causes. It cleans the skin readily and ensures that all the dirt is eliminated from the surfaces of the skin. It is easy to use following the fact that it lathers nicely. It is made from natural material; the soap is suitable for daily use, shower, bath, travel, and among others.

4. Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap

Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap smells like productivity. White Bar has a scent of fresh, energizing mint. It is good to find out more about the kind of bar soap you are using and make the right choice in selection.

Choosing the right bathing soap is paramount based on the fact that it gets into contact with your skin. Duke Cannon Men's Bar soap is available in different packs such as Triple-Milled for highest quality as well as Big American Brick of Soap 10oz, and among others.  The Black Soap Bar smells like Bergamot and Black Pepper.

Features and details

  • Available in different colors
  • 10z hence unsuitable for clowns. It lasts longer as it is three times bigger than the feminine bar soap.
  • VICTORY: it's green in color with a clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass.
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: Black smells like Bergamot and Black pepper.
  • NAVAL TRIUMPH: It's blue and has a refreshing ocean scent.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: it's white and is available in energizing mint scent


  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 5 x 2.8 inches ; 4.5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within the U.S.
  • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. Find out more
  • ASIN: B00D02XLHE
  • UPC: 854410004062
  • Item model number: SG_B00D02XLHE_US


  • Made of steel-cut grain for maximum grip-ability
  • Ensures optimal exfoliation
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Easy to use
  • Enhances manly exfoliation


  • Might not be effective in some cases

Final thoughts

Duke Cannon Men's Bar Soap is suitable for all cleaning needs.  It is made of steel-cut grains that boost grip ability and enhance exfoliation.  It is easy to use, available in different colors and fragrances. It cleans and refreshes your skin.

5. Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap for Men

Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap for Men is specifically designed to ensure cleanliness and exciting fragrance in hardworking men.  It is abundant in size and comprises steel cut grains to ensure a good grip. Did you know that all  Duke Cannon Soap Review resemble bricks? They are molded in a rough cut that looks like Gls, which were used by the Korean War.


  • Color: Black
  • Scent: Bergamot and Pepper
  • Model: Brick


  • Color: White
  • Scent: Fresh Energizing Mint


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches ; 10.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B00NIA5I4M
  • UPC: 609465949840 854410004000
  • Item model number: 01GREEN6


  • Offers fresh, energizing mint scent
  • The designs focus on vintage military soap and the best formula
  • 10oz hence three times bigger than any feminine soap
  • Comprises of steel-cut grains hence ensures exfoliation


  • Easy to use
  • Good value
  • Good smell
  • Gentle
  • Cleans effectively


  • Light scent
  • No cooling menthol action

Best uses of our soap

  • Shower
  • Daily use
  • Non-drying soap
  • Baths
  • Travel

Final thoughts

Who says that men should not use good quality soap that offers good scent? Duke Cannon Big Brick of Soap for Men is mainly designed for hardworking men who want to cleanse their bodies and achieve good scent. This soap is equipped with a menthol scent that makes it unique.  It is suitable for daily use, bath, shower, travel as well as non-drying soap. The soap offers good value for money, cleans effectively, and it's gentle on skin and hands with good smell.

6. Big Ol Brick of Hunting Soap

Big Ol Brick of Hunting Soap is meant for a big game of hunting. It is available in 10oz hence three times bigger than other hunting soaps.  It is a special soap made from a unique formula that absorbs the bad smell and prevents odor from escaping. This is unscented soap, not suitable for clowns, and it's three times bigger than feminine soaps.  This soap lathers nicely and you should use a dark sponge.  According to hunters, getting winded is not an option as it is a special force combat mission against your hunting mission.

Features and details

  • 10oz hence lasts longer
  • Soap, scent eliminator
  • It has a unique formula for capturing odor, smothers as well as preventing their release.
  • Soldiers tested it, fishers as well as hunters
  • It was made from the same plant that offered products for the Korean troops.


  • Size: 10 oz. brick


  • Good smell
  • Gentle on skin
  • Cleans effectively
  • 10oz hence and it ensures prolong life.


  • Absorbs odor hence prevents you from getting winded.


  • This soap must be used daily to be beneficial for its purpose.

Final thoughts

Big Ol Brick of Hunting Soap is of excellent quality, made from the best formula. It absorbs all the scents, thus enabling you to ride a deer while hunting. Using this soap is not an option for hunters who are ready for the woods.  It is best used during a perfect hunting season. While most people think that this soap is only meant for novice hunters, it is also used by expert hunters, after all, who wants to be winded?

7. Fall Scented Creamy Goats Milk Soap

Fall Scented Creamy Goats Milk Soap is a perfect soap for those who are looking for organic products. It is made from all-natural and organic ingredients such as Orange Clove & Pumpkin, warm Vanilla as well as Spiced Chai. If you like the scents of fall, then this is the soap for you. It's available in herbal that nourishes cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It makes your skin smooth, continuous and refreshes it. It lathers nicely and boasts pride of invigorating and relaxing scent. This soap is ideal for all kinds of surfaces, as it is 100% organic ingredients. One of the outstanding components that have attracted most users are pure and natural goat's milk, making it gentle on your skin.

Features and details

  • Made in the USA
  • Every pack comprises of 4 Fall scented bar including Orange Clove and Pumpkin Crunch
  • 100% all-natural organic ingredients
  • It does not contain chemical fragrance, artificial coloring or dyes


  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound
  • UPC: 680270856448


  • Made from natural ingredients thus gentle on your skin
  • Perfect for those who react with a range of chemicals used to make other soaps
  • It's organic hence an ideal solution for skin irregularities, especially if used repeatedly.


  • Refreshes your skin
  • Relaxes your smooth
  • Makes your skin smooth
  • Cures and repairs your skin
  • It is organic, made from all-natural ingredients such as goat milk


  • It's unscented hence not suitable for hardworking men who want to clean and achieve good scent.
  • Not for clowns

Final thoughts on our soap

Goat milk is always on demand due to the medicinal properties that it possesses.  Apart from goat milk, Fall Scented Creamy Goats Milk Soap is also made from other products such as Orange Clove & Pumpkin Crunch, Warm Vanilla, and Spiced Chai. It is gentle and cleans effectively.  If you are looking forward to a smooth and continuous healthy skin, then this soap is a perfect option.

8. Duke Cannon Great American Frontier Men's Big Brick of Soap

Duke Cannon Great American Frontier Men's Big Brick is a unique soap. Duke Cannon is an exceptional soap man who does not depend on rich aroma from a cappuccino to make his morning exciting. It does not rely on a stylish and fashionable coat to earn status in the society.  It believes in hard work, and over the past years, it has been inspired by a lot of things such as beers, goat milk. Moreover, today, chopping wood in the pine forest helped to inspire it.  It came up with the idea of making this soap after experiencing the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Features and details of the product

  • The soap smells like fresh-cut pine.
  • It ensures a unique, refreshing scent of two cut pines. The smell is worth celebrating.
  • Duke Cannon Great American Frontier Men's Big Brick of Soap is available in different colors.
  • It comes in a comfy box with all the instructions.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It's unique and available in masculine scents that will trigger good memories that nature can offer.
  • Its 10oz hence bigger than regular soaps, and it is not for clowns.


  • Item Weight: 81 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
  • ASIN: B07D46364V
  • Item model number: SG_B07D46364V_US


  • 10oz hence lasts longer. It is presumed that it is three times bigger than the feminine soaps.
  • It ensures that unique and masculine scent hat trigger fine memories
  • Easy to use
  • Lathers nicely


  • This soap is more expensive than other similar products in the market


Duke Cannon Great American Frontier Men's Big Brick soap is the best soap for any man out there who wants to make his morning exciting but not through a cappuccino. This soap is perfectly designed and modeled for a hardworking man like a soldier.  The soap came to be after Duke Cannon was inspired by the hard work soldiers who were doing for the country.  The cleanser is gentle, quite powerful, as it gets rid of all the dirt, capable, and has a refreshing scent that would wake you up in the morning and start preparing for the activities ahead. It's easy to use and not only cleans your skin but protects it, nourishes it, and refreshes it.


Can I return my products if I find them damaged on delivery?

Once the products are bought, they are not returnable, not unless you prove that the products were damaged before they were delivered.

Do the products include a warranty?

Some of these products provide warranty just as mentioned in some of the product descriptions.

Does the product include instructions?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some of these products have provided detailed instructions, while others promise to include them in the package.

What is the way to get in touch with the manufacturer?

You just need to open the manufacturer's website, and you will handle a conversation with them.

How long does it take for the soap to be effective?

After using a bar of soap, you will realize some changes. It should be used regularly for good results/


I assure you that these products are the best. Made from natural ingredients and they are all #1 dermatologist recommended thus suitable for your skin type. All our products are chosen according to your needs. There is no doubt that they are all going to exceed your expectations. All the brands mentioned above are popular because of their effectiveness and credibility.

Final verdict

In this Duke Cannon soap review, the focal point is to provide you with the best buying guide that will enable you to select the right soap. The selection can be based on the type of your skin, skin irregularities, as well as the ingredients used to make these soaps.

There is no doubt that the above-discussed products are the best. You can choose them without any worries about side effects or irritations. Duke Cannon brands are best known for their effectiveness as well as credibility

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