Winter Skin Care Essentials – Great Winter Routine for Healthy Skin

There are great winter skin care essentials to give you smooth and healthy skin. You know how the sun can affect your skin, but, winter weather is also in the picture too. There’s more to it than just hassling to keep your toes and fingers warm. When it’s around the corner, it brings about super excitement for you, but not for your skin. The weather itself demands a lot, from great winter skincare product Winter Skin Care Essentials – Great Winter Routine for Healthy Skin to keep your skin looking its best.

Winter demands every ski detail to be in check, be it dry skin, oily skin, and flaky lips. Ignorance can do a toll on your skin – what’s worse than not allowing your skin to see the light of day merely because winter has done a number on you? Oh well, if you are in a bad scenario already, taking a complete turnaround isn’t impossible yet.

So are you ready to go? Good! Below are real talks about great hacks to keep your skin glowing and feeling soft throughout the winter season.

How can I care for my skin in winter?

See your skin like the way you take care of your belongings to ensure that they last for a lifetime. Well said, your skin is no exception. It has to be glowing, happy, and healthy throughout the winter season. Do you know how to fix winter skin and what are the winter skin care essentials? Below are a few points to help you out:

Drink plenty of water

Many are times people forget to drink water when it’s cold outside. Who sees the need when thirst isn’t there in the first place? Low humidity also tends to strip moisture from your skin. You don’t necessarily have to gulp one bottle of water at a go. Several sips at instances during the day would do you right. Taking warm tea would also keep your skin hydrated and healthy all day long.

Take hot showers

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a long hot shower when it’s freezing at night? It is usually tempting to turn up the heat to dry to counteract the cold weather. You will agree that the experience is sweet, but for your skin, it’s a big no. Hot water tends to dehydrate the skin an also strips oil from your skin. At the end of a thoughtfully sweet shower, you end up with irritated skin that is red and unpleasantly itchy.

Moisturize your skin

All is not lost when you get tempted to take long showers once in a while in the winter. Using a natural moisturizer after washing is good at reversing the after-bath effects. It helps to lock in moisture into your skin to keep it hydrated. In this case, you should choose your moisturizer carefully. Get a blend of oils and organic butter for your lotions as well.

Use the right cleanser

Cleansers are excellent skincare products, but one too many of them contain chemicals that are hard on the skin. If you want to do your skin a favor during winter, you should avoid cleansers which contain ingredients such as alcohol and intense fragrances. Instead of nourishing your skin, they damage your skin a lot more. Consider using the right cleanser that keeps your skin hydrated and at the same time strips off the day’s dirt and makeup.

Use sunscreen

Wait, what now? “I thought sunscreen is just for the summer!” Oh well, you thought wrong. The product is also essential to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. One also tends to sweat during winter, right? You should use sunscreen that has at least an SPF 30 protection factor to get the most out of it. 

Dress right to protect your skin

Winter comes around with elements that are harder on your skin than what you experience skincare during summer. Talk of flaked lips among other mishaps. What you put on also matters for your comfort. Imagine putting on heavy clothing for the cold all day long! That sort of irritation plus the blistering wind, you certainly won’t like it. Go for breathable coverings that don’t aggravate your skin in any way.

What skincare products do dermatologists use?

While every right product is as a result of trial and error, trying products on your skin can be costly at times. It’s even harder because many skincare products are being released into the market every season. Below are some great skincare products that dermatologists use to maintain healthy skin:


Sunscreen with a 30+ Sun Protection Factor effectively works to defend your skin against the harsh elements of the environment. This product is of two types that work differently. Chemical sunscreen absorbs the sun’s rays to prevent your skin from absorbing them directly.

On the other hand, physical sunscreens sit on the surface of your skin to shield it from the sun. All said, choosing the right one for yourself runs down to what you like and are comfortable with.


A cleanser is an essential product to use early in the morning and after a day’s work. It essentially removes oil, dirt, and pollution from your skin effectively and gently. Whether it’s cream or foam, the right cleanser does a great job in cleansing your skin without stripping it of its natural essential oils.


Moisturizers are winter morning skincare products that protect your skin from harsh environmental elements that leave it dry. Moisturizers that have oil are great, but they do not possess the same efficacy as creams and ointments. They work even better when they are rubbed in immediately after a bath to lock in most moisture into the skin.

Anti-oxidant serum

The product effectively protects your skin from free radicals. You can either ingest them or apply them directly onto your skin. The outcome would still be the same.

How can I protect my oily skin in winter?

Whether it’s summer or winter; your oily skin is there to stay. Even though winter is not fun for oily skin, you can still keep it glowing during that time. Oily skin demands extra touches to prevent irritation during the winter season. There are winter creams alright, but some make your skin extra oily than it is.

Rather than battling with your oily skin as your enemy during winter, you can ally with it to give it the best smooth feeling. You can manage your oily skin during winter in the following ways:

Use oil-free makeup

You already have oily skin, so you wouldn’t want to use makeup products that add more oil to it. In this case, you should be particular about the makeup that you choose. Go for powdered makeup products to make your skin less greasy. Also, go for oil-free creams and moisturizers rather than petroleum jelly.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to remove extra oils from your skin. Doing it regularly also helps to remove dirt from your skin pores.

Minimize the use of moisturizers

Only use moisturizers when necessary, say after taking a shower or after washing your face at night. Do not overuse it. Remember that the product you use should be oil-free and with essential vitamin E components to counteract your skin type. Gel and water-based types of moisturizers would help to keep your oily skin healthy during the winter season.

Use a clean towel

Although it sounds a little bizarre at times, your towel has a significant effect on your skin.  Using a clean towel on your face effectively helps to prevent oily skin. Endorse the discipline of tapping your skin dry instead of rubbing it to avoid breakouts.

How do you take care of dry skin in the winter?

Having dry skin is a battle on its own. It gets even worse with the cold wind during winter. The combination depletes the skin its natural defenses and makes it irritated, red, flaky, and drier. Below are gentle and straightforward skincare routines to hack dry skin during the winter season:

Use the right soap

You might not know it, but the cleanser that you use plays a big game for your dry skin. Your dry solvent would do fine with a moisturizing soap that is natural and mild. Harsh soaps contain synthetic chemicals and fragrance oils that wash off natural oils from your skin to make it even drier.

Moisturize your skin again and again

The point of moisturizing your skin is to prevent it from losing more water that leads to dryness. Winter demands a daily rich moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying or cracking more and more. You should also apply a moisturizer immediately after your bath when your skin is still damp. It mainly helps to lock in moisture on your skin and also helps to increase absorption of the same.

Remember your lips

Dry lips are also a part of dry skin. They tend to become drier and flakier, especially when it’s cold. A quick remedy is usually licking them to relieve them from dryness temporarily. That is not right. It leaves your lips even drier. A natural conditioning lip balm should be part of your winter skin care essentials. It would prevent your lips from cracking to give it a smooth feeling.

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